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They Could Be Giants

They Could Be Giants

‘They Could Be Giants’ is a new initiative created by the European Business Awards (EBA) to showcase early stage companies which have the potential to become future business giants in their fields.

Hand-picked by our EBA researchers and judges, chosen companies will have a great product or idea and shown early progress in turning them into a viable business strategy.

By introducing ‘They Could Be Giants’ we want to give early stage companies with big potential the visibility and endorsement to help speed them on their journey to success.

Additions to the list of promising companies will be made and published twice a year, and our team of experts will track and report on their progress over a two year period.

During this time we hope these businesses will fulfil their potential. For those who don’t, we will analyse the reasons why. All resulting in a clearer picture of the real strengths and growth opportunities for businesses in Europe.

We wish them well.

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Aquaporin A/S

Aquaporin has created a new, unique membrane that includes natural occurring proteins, aquaporins, to filter water, thereby mimicking the natural water transport through living cells. Aquaporins are known to transport water very selectively. No contaminents such as viruses or heavy metals or salts can pass through, thus the membrane can be used for many different applications such as seawater desalination, industrial waste water cleaning, pharmaceutical wastewater cleaning or water reclamation. This disruptive technology could create a revolution in the water industry. 

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BabyBloom Healthcare BV

BabyBloom Healthcare has developed a revolutionary incubator for premature babies that protects infants against damaging light and noise, reducing harmful effects on the brain development. It also offers numerous new possibilities through its ergonomic design for parents to bond with their child, and for medical staff to work in a comfortable position.

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Cryptolab has developed encryption systems that supersede current industry standards, allowing secure data transactions for companies of all sectors. Its innovative cloud security solutions, allowing calculations and research on encrypted data without knowing its content, solve the problems of data storage for large public administrations such as governments. The other core product is a patented solution to prevent common attacks on banks.

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Datahug has created a way of analysing emails and other communication traffic in companies to provide them with a unique ‘who knows who’ report, showing who people are connected to and the strength of the relationship. This in turn enables improved customer relationships, corporate sales and business opportunities.

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DEINOVE is the only company in the world to exploit a bacteria, the Deinococcus, with untapped potential for industrial processes; producing 2nd generation biofuels, bio-based chemicals and anitbiotics. It recently optimised a strain of the bacteria that can turn wheat-based biomass into ethanol, in a single process, at high productivity levels, without most commonly used additives.  It is also launching a major bio-based chemicals initiative.

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FlatFrog Laboratories AB

FlatFrog’s patented multi-touch technology offers market-leading, lower cost in-glass technology for large and flat display screens. With its new standards of touch performance, optical clarity and unique features such as pressure detection, it has the potential to transform the rapidly growing touch interface market.   

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FXI Technologies AS

FXI Technologies offers the world’s first thumb size micro-computer, the ‘Cotton Candy, which is the size of a USB stick but is a PC that can be taken anywhere and plugged into any system, on any screen. With its Bluetooth and Wi-Fi capabilities, low power needs, and security features, it has been designed to become the ‘only computer you will ever need’.

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Global Business Register

To help combat financial crime and fraud, GBR is the only company in the market that has real-time connections to over 90 business registers around the world, enabling it to quickly and efficiently verify company identities and their beneficial owners.

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IMOCROQ is a technology based company, founded in 2010, with the aim of producing technology for the agri-food and diagnostic markets offering faster, more sustainable, easy to use detection systems. Its core product is its QFast Salmonella kit for farms, slaughter houses and laboratories that reduces the total pick up time from sample to lab, to enable salmonella detection, in less than 21 hours. 

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LED Lease

Providing leases for light (not lamps) as a service to large-scale clients including hospitals, hotels, offices and car parks, LED lease is the first business in the world to offer energy and cost saving light-contracts to a worldwide market.


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This enterprising company has created a new security solution that allows the user to share and control valuable and sensitive information from a mobile phone, tablet or PC, decide who can access the documents and then show who has accessed them. The solution supports all types of files, runs off all devices and can be orientated to all users.  The business model allows it to be offered free to home users and very cost efficiently to businesses. 


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RepKnight Ltd

Created as a response to the London Riots of 2011, RepKnight is the fastest open source data monitoring platform (of data including social media networks) within the global market place, giving real time updates and analysis to global law enforcement and security agencies.


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Scale Biofuel ApS

Scale Biofuel ApS has not only invented a technology that can produce biofuel quickly and efficiently but has also set up a business infrastructure to produce it on a large and cost efficient scale. Offering a competitor to fossil fuels, the company is expecting to become a lead Biofuel producer in the world market.


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Sefaira Limited

Sefaira has created market changing software that enables the real-time design of energy efficient buildings. The unique software provides real-time building physics analysis from a cloud-based platform, enabling architects to make data driven design decisions whilst designs are being created, therefore integrating sustainability from the earliest project stages. 

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A pioneering company, TedCas has developed unique technology, based on voice commands and gestures, which allows doctors to control any kind of medical software without physical contact, thereby avoiding potential risk of infection and saving time during the procedure.


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UAB Brolis Semiconductors

UAB has created innovative technology platforms that focus on the development of, and material used for, optoelectronics. This has resulted in the manufacture of devices/chips for the production of lasers that give a state-of-the-art performance at lower temperatures. The products can be used as key components for new gas sensing systems, allowing precise monitoring of greenhouse gases, or in the development of non-invasive diagnostic technologies; paving the way for early stage diagnosis of diseases using a smartphone. 

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VitalBriefing S.A.

In digital media, VitalBriefing offers a unique solution to the age-old issue of information overload, by merging technology expertise with human analysis and creating ‘personal journalists’ offering specific analysis and guidance through customised, filtered information updates.  

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Zentrick has created one of the first interactive video platforms worldwide, allowing anyone (technical or not) to create immersive interactive video experiences they can then track, analyse and distribute to any social or ad network (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube etc) or change with a single edit. Zentrick enables brands, publishers and partners to maximise viewer activation, engagement and conversion.

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This information announced reflects the company at time it is published and does not reflect any subsequent changes since then. The European Business Awards and its sponsors do not support or recommend investment in any of the companies based on the information that is included in this listing.