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Country: France

Sector: Biofuels, green chemistry and antibiotics

Number of employees: 40


DEINOVE is the only company in the world to exploit a bacteria, the Deinococcus, with untapped potential for industrial processes; producing 2nd generation biofuels, bio-based chemicals and anitbiotics. It recently optimised a strain of the bacteria that can turn wheat-based biomass into ethanol, in a single process, at high productivity levels, without most commonly used additives.  It is also launching a major bio-based chemicals initiative.

Why they could be giants?

A leader in the field of metabolic engineering, DEINOVE has proven its R&D credentials and the potential of its bacteria, and is now ready to target several major businesses opportunities. If it can now successfully offer to the market technology that can produce quicker, cleaner and more sustainable ethanol and bio-based chemicals production, from non-food biomass, it has a major market opportunity that could be worth billions.

Where’s the risk?

Replacing petroleum-based products and lowering carbon footprint is a major goal for many governments, and competition for solutions and alternatives is strong. With a business model that relies on generating licence revenues, for Deinove commercialising at scale will be the next challenge.

What it means for Europe?

With China now looking for key partnerships with companies in the cleantech market, major opportunities exist for Europe's specialists.

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