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BabyBloom Healthcare BV

Country: The Netherlands

Sector: Medical Devices

Number of employees: 5


BabyBloom Healthcare has developed a revolutionary incubator for premature babies that protects infants against damaging light and noise, reducing harmful effects on the brain development. It also offers numerous new possibilities through its ergonomic design for parents to bond with their child, and for medical staff to work in a comfortable position.

Why they could be giants?

Identifying a gap in the healthcare market, BabyBloom Healthcare developed and produced its new incubator in less than half the time it would traditionally take a large multi-national. With growing focus on stress reduction and parent-child bonding in neonatal care, and healthcare spending in emerging markets increasingly rapidly, the opportunity for an organisation with a child and parent friendly incubator in the market is huge. If BabyBloom Healthcare can activate and optimise the network they have set up, they will do well.

Where’s the risk?

The healthcare market is notoriously complex, the challenge for BabyBloom Healthcare is to ensure they have the right partners and distributors to build traction before major competitors replicate what they are doing. 

What it means for Europe?

With a long history of innovative healthcare and medical device companies, the challenge for Europe’s healthcare authorities and regulators is to reduce bureaucracy, costs and lead times for trials or ce marking, whilst maintaining safety and clinical rigour around testing. This will enable start-up companies get to market quicker.

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