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Sefaira Limited

Country: United Kingdom

Sector: Architectural Software

Number of employees: 40


Sefaira has created market changing software that enables the real-time design of energy efficient buildings. The unique software provides real-time building physics analysis from a cloud-based platform, enabling architects to make data driven design decisions whilst designs are being created, therefore integrating sustainability from the earliest project stages. 

Why they could be giants?

Producing software that potentially changes the way architecture practitioners work, the company has succeeded in the past 18 months to raise $19m from Venture Capital funds, sign up more than 200 clients and grow revenue by more than 400%. The potential going forward to revolutionise the sector is huge. 

Where's the risk?

Given its early stage of the business, Sefaira will need to capitalise quickly on its market advantage before a bigger software provider produces a competitive technology and takes market share.


What it means for Europe?

Not many years ago it would have been difficult in Europe for a tech company with a great idea to get the level of funding and support Sefaira has, it is encouraging that we are starting to see more and more examples of well funded and supported companies in this field.


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