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Country: Ireland

Sector: Customer Relationship Management

Number of employees: 20


Datahug has created a way of analysing emails and other communication traffic in companies to provide them with a unique ‘who knows who’ report, showing who people are connected to and the strength of the relationship. This in turn enables improved customer relationships, corporate sales and business opportunities.

Why they could be giants?

Current leaders in an emerging market, with over $5million investment from high profile investors, including the man who backed Twitter and Google early on, this product is a valuable and attractive proposition, making headway in the US market. If it can keep this traction, success is assured.

Where's the risk?

The CRM market continues to grow and Datahug will need to keep winning the bigger blue chip contracts to stay ahead before a known name comes in with a viable alternative.

What it means for Europe?

In a market that is dominated by the US, it is good to see a European player in such a strong position. The challenge now is how Europe can keep more companies like this in Europe and help them reach their true potential. What often happens is that European start-ups with strong potential get bought by US firms who then grow scale with those businesses and experience the large wins in terms of tax and job creation.

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