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Country: Spain

Sector: IT

Number of employees: 8


A pioneering company, TedCas has developed unique technology, based on voice commands and gestures, which allows doctors to control any kind of medical software without physical contact, thereby avoiding potential risk of infection and saving time during the procedure.


Why they could be giants?

A pioneer in the use of Natural User Interfaces (NUIs) this company presents an exciting opportunity. Having successfully completed pilot testing in hospitals across the globe, created strategic partnerships with large companies such as Telefonica and Microsoft and secured agreements with several medical software companies, TedCas is ready to go to market and if its strategy delivers, it has the potential to revolutionise the industry.  

Where's the risk?

It is still a new concept and the healthcare industry is cautious in its approach.  It will be all about the strategic relationships and partnerships going forward.


What it means for Europe?

All the technology players in our list are smart and clever companies that will require the skill level of people to be continually raised. Europe needs to ensure it doesn’t produce a mismatch of lots of skilled jobs unfulfilled and many good people who don’t have the necessary knowledge and skill.


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