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FXI Technologies AS

Country: Norway

Sector: Consumer Electronics

Number of employees: 10-20


FXI Technologies offers the world’s first thumb size micro-computer, the ‘Cotton Candy, which is the size of a USB stick but is a PC that can be taken anywhere and plugged into any system, on any screen. With its Bluetooth and Wi-Fi capabilities, low power needs, and security features, it has been designed to become the ‘only computer you will ever need’.

Why they could be giants?

FXI is well positioned to be a Giant: in the last 18 months it has gone from an unknown to a global company that has created a market changing product for a new market – micro-computers. It is now ready to get scale, and is taking steps to create strategic partnerships in order to disrupt computing, Smart-TVs and cloud computing.

Where’s the risk?

As ever, with a game changing technology it is about generating scale and user adoption before, and maintaining leadership as, competitors reach the market.

What it means for Europe?

This proves that with innovation and creativity, high-tech IT hardware manufacturing is still possible in Europe.

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