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Aquaporin A/S

Country: Denmark

Sector: Water treatment technology

Number of employees: 30


Aquaporin has created a new, unique membrane that includes natural occurring proteins, aquaporins, to filter water, thereby mimicking the natural water transport through living cells. Aquaporins are known to transport water very selectively. No contaminents such as viruses or heavy metals or salts can pass through, thus the membrane can be used for many different applications such as seawater desalination, industrial waste water cleaning, pharmaceutical wastewater cleaning or water reclamation. This disruptive technology could create a revolution in the water industry. 

Why they could be giants?

Global demand for water purification is increasing. The opportunity  therefore for Aquaporin is huge and with 28 patents on a range of applications, and talks with key partners such as NASA commencing, the company could potentially be a leader in the cleantech market. 

Where’s the risk?

The company is at an early stage and is still creating its production facility. Success will now depend on its go to market strategy.

What it means for Europe?

Depletion of natural water resources alongside increasing industrialisation will likely cause clean water to become a scarce commodity in the next 10-30 years. For Europe’s future and the business opportunity it presents, the commercialisation of innovation in this sector should be encouraged.

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