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Country: Belgium

Sector: Marketing/Technology

Number of employees: 8


Zentrick has created one of the first interactive video platforms worldwide, allowing anyone (technical or not) to create immersive interactive video experiences they can then track, analyse and distribute to any social or ad network (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube etc) or change with a single edit. Zentrick enables brands, publishers and partners to maximise viewer activation, engagement and conversion.

Why they could be giants?

Pioneers in a young and new market, its unique self-service platform has created huge opportunities for Zentrick. Going from local to global (with clients in Europe, the US, Africa and Asia) in less than a year, this entrepreneurial company is now seeking to build on success through large-scale partnerships with both internet giants and global distributors.


Where's the risk?

The IT market space has a lot of start-ups and noise; the challenges for Zentrick are making themselves heard, and getting scale quickly enough, even with a scalable product and a scalable business. 

What it means for Europe?

With a lot of innovation and high quality ideas from companies within this sector, perhaps Europe should think about creating more european tech cities, like the one in London, and bring together the global finance people, infrastructure and knowledge required to realise success here, thereby reducing the need for companies, like Zentrick, to go to the US.

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