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UAB Brolis Semiconductors

Country: Lithuania

Sector: Semiconductor optoelectronics

Number of employees: 9


UAB has created innovative technology platforms that focus on the development of, and material used for, optoelectronics. This has resulted in the manufacture of devices/chips for the production of lasers that give a state-of-the-art performance at lower temperatures. The products can be used as key components for new gas sensing systems, allowing precise monitoring of greenhouse gases, or in the development of non-invasive diagnostic technologies; paving the way for early stage diagnosis of diseases using a smartphone. 

Why they could be giants?

Already winning awards, and with an impressive growth strategy, the company is in a good position to take market share and offer its unique low cost, high tech semiconductor technology solutions to a broad spectrum of global application markets - including medical, defence, environmental and industrial process monitoring. 

Where's the risk?

The company has attracted a lot of attention. With the production of its technology ongoing the next challenge is to get scale before an alternative joins the market. 


What it means for Europe?

Three talented brothers (the meaning of ‘brolis’ in Lithuanian), who developed their knowledge and skills in global centres around the world, came back to Lithuania where both the government and investors were ready to fund and support them. Lithuania had the foresight to secure the repatriation of this promising high tech manufacturer before it located the business elsewhere.    

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