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Country: Spain

Sector: Biotechnology

Number of employees: 17


IMOCROQ is a technology based company, founded in 2010, with the aim of producing technology for the agri-food and diagnostic markets offering faster, more sustainable, easy to use detection systems. Its core product is its QFast Salmonella kit for farms, slaughter houses and laboratories that reduces the total pick up time from sample to lab, to enable salmonella detection, in less than 21 hours. 

Why they could be giants?

Producing a faster, potentially game changing product that can reduce the risk of infectious outbreaks across the globe presents a strong market opportunity for the company.  To realise potential, it now needs to secure commercial agreements with multinational companies and wholesalers.

Where’s the risk?

The product is very new and it will need to quickly gain market trust and investment to achieve success.

What it means for Europe?

With knowledge advancing rapidly, biotechnology is set to play an ever greater role in the coming years. Low cost manufacturing, ease of use and a broad range of application fields can accelerate the implementation of fast detection methods and ensure improved health and well-being: Europe needs to ensure it is encouraging and helping both innovative start-ups and established players in this important global sector.

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