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RepKnight Ltd

Country: United Kingdom

Sector: Security and Defence

Number of employees: 13


Created as a response to the London Riots of 2011, RepKnight is the fastest open source data monitoring platform (of data including social media networks) within the global market place, giving real time updates and analysis to global law enforcement and security agencies.


Why they could be giants?

An underdog in a closed but profitable industry, this dynamic company is building strong relationships, establishing key contracts and continuing to develop new technology to remain a differentiator in the market. With a predicted 800% sales growth for 2013 it could become a game changer.


Where's the risk?

A heavily regulated industry with trust at its core, RepKnight must continue to build its reputation and customer base to gain market share, as well as ensure it remains well-resourced to deliver as demand increases.




What it means for Europe?

Innovative and smart companies like RepKnight need to be encouraged and supported to expand globally, and quickly.


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