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Country: Spain

Sector: IT Security

Number of employees: 12


This enterprising company has created a new security solution that allows the user to share and control valuable and sensitive information from a mobile phone, tablet or PC, decide who can access the documents and then show who has accessed them. The solution supports all types of files, runs off all devices and can be orientated to all users.  The business model allows it to be offered free to home users and very cost efficiently to businesses. 


Why they could be giants?

Engineering the business model around a global solution, Prot-On has created a valuable product by breaking down the barriers of previous data sharing software. This security solution could become the next standard for privacy. With the appointment of an experienced sales and marketing director, the company is now in a good position to start its expansion. Like CryptoLab from Italy; although with different solutions, there is a major business opportunity in this market if the company can establish itself as the go-to product. We will track them both with interest.



Where's the risk?

Partnerships with bigger players and distributors will be key to expanding out of Spain and into the global market.


What it means for Europe?

European countries like Spain need to find and support as many potential market leaders in new sectors as possible to help them change the structural make up of their economies.



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