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LED Lease

Country: The Netherlands

Sector: Light industry

Number of employees: 6


Providing leases for light (not lamps) as a service to large-scale clients including hospitals, hotels, offices and car parks, LED lease is the first business in the world to offer energy and cost saving light-contracts to a worldwide market.


Why they could be giants?

This innovative company presents a unique circular offering to the light market and has the potential to play a large part in the fast moving energy saving market. A further advantage is its strong financial partner, Ecover Group, which allows it to tap into a broader market of clients not normally able to invest in cost and energy reducing technology, creating a huge growth forecast for 2013 and beyond.  

Where's the risk?

This is a very new concept and many businesses may be slow to change the way they think and pay for light.   

What it means for Europe?

A new approach to a well-established convention, it shows Europe is full of innovation, not just in product but also in processes and business models.



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