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Scale Biofuel ApS

Country: Denmark

Sector: Transport

Number of employees: 5


Scale Biofuel ApS has not only invented a technology that can produce biofuel quickly and efficiently but has also set up a business infrastructure to produce it on a large and cost efficient scale. Offering a competitor to fossil fuels, the company is expecting to become a lead Biofuel producer in the world market.


Why they could be giants?

Scale Biofuels’ approach to this market in unique. It has spent considerable time building partnerships with local biomass or energy producers and providers in hard to reach markets such as Asia, Africa and China, to secure future presence. It has adapted technologies to specific market needs and broadened the product concept to embrace different sectors and usage (cooking fuel and animal feed). If they now get the first upscaling and distribution right, the opportunity is huge. They also have the added advantage of the ability to adapt and update their own modular solutions as technology and market conditions rapidly change.



Where's the risk?

External factors such as regulation and local legislation could hinder expansion, as well as the increase in alternatives to fossil fuels coming into the market place. For the company itself, the technology patent is still pending.



What it means for Europe?

Energy consumption is increasing, which presents an enormous commercial opportunity, along with the opportunity of greater autonomy and security of the energy supply. Companies like Scale Biofuel, and Deinove, are very good for Europe and more businesses like them should be encouraged.



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