26 Mar 2019

Who are the European Business Awards Judges?

The judges are a vital part of the European Business Awards programme. Working alongside Philip Forrest, the Chairman of the judges, they ensure that we are rewarding the innovators, success stories and ethical entrepreneurs of European business.

Who are the European Business Awards judges?

At the European Business Awards, we work to make sure that we have only the most qualified people selecting our Winners at each stage of the competition.

Since the Awards began we have had over 300 judges involved in the competition. Recruited from a wide range of backgrounds and nationalities, they are all unified by their considerable business expertise, experience and acumen. Industry leaders, academics, entrepreneurs, thought leaders, public servants and leading establishment figures are just a few examples of the people that have been EBA judges in the past.

Invitations are sent only to business-people who have demonstrated the key principals of the European Business Awards throughout their career; that is innovation, financial success and business ethics.

The experts who chose the 2018 Category Winners included senior figures from Canon, EuCham, Philips, the World Bank, Lloyds and even a former Prime Minister.

Why do they judge in the European Business Awards?  

The European Business Awards judges receive no financial benefit from being a judge in the competition, so why do so many of they decide to get involved?

As a renowned Awards programme, we attract the best talent and rising business stars from across Europe. Our judges often decide to take part in order to meet the entrepreneurs and companies that are shaping the face of the European business.

Meeting inspiring entrepreneurs and learning the success stories has proved to be a rewarding experience for the judges involved, so much so that most decide to return as an EBA judge year after year.

Here’s what some of our previous judges have had to say about being involved in the Awards:

“Judging the European Business Awards is a unique opportunity. To hear the extraordinary success stories, innovative ideas and to see the people and witness the passion they have for their businesses is truly a privilege. It’s an investment in myself. ” Albert Hakkers, HR Director, Diageo Europe - 2011 Judge

“I have been taking part in EBA judging session for few years and it is always a great business and personal experience. What is so fantastic about that is meeting successful and passionate people. Along with fellowship of other international judges we see how entrepreneurs change ideas and motivation into performance. It always gives me new, true and valuable lessons about business. And it is fun.” Michal Perner, Vice President, Medort - 2016 Judge

“It’s been a privilege participating as a judge for the EBA. It’s given me great insight into some amazing businesses and the way in which they are competing in their industry. I’ve met many interesting people and definitely got more from the process than I put in” Darren Roos, General Manager, SAP - 2016 Judge

Want to know more?

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