“Networking at the EBAs was very interesting. We met a lot of important business people and executives, from which we were able to exchange details and have already cooperated with one of them.”

Peggy Stavrianou, Operations Manager,DHI Global Medical Group - 2019 Winner

“I believe the EBAs can impact the business community because of the wide pool of companies that enter into the competition. Having so many companies and entrepreneurs in the same room is a guarantee for making a change in any aspect of the society or problems you wish to tackle. ”

Barbara Vuković, CFO, Metal Product, 2019 Winners

“Being named National Winner was a proud achievement for all of our offices across the world. It heightened our brand awareness and many clients recognized the result of our hard work and dedication. We are honored to have been selected and would like to sincerely thank everyone involved at the European Business Awards.  ”

Sara Johnson, Marketing Specialist, Caliber Global, 2019 National Winners

“It was such an honour and privilege to be there, and I can't thank you enough for asking me to take part. What a truly phenomenal event!”

Dan Egerton, CEO, Actus Consulting and 2018 Speaker

“The EBAs are really, really important because it's not an industry awards, it's not in the payment sector. It's really cross-border and sector so it’s much wider. So the quality of candidates that you are up against and the nominees you are against is massive, you suddenly realize how intelligent and smart they are.”

Lee Britton, Commercial Director, Prepaid Financial Services – 2018 Winner

“We have noticed a significant increase in contact from the international press, particularly in America, since your announcement but also closer to home too. The proudest moment of my life to date has been to accept the Digital Technology award on behalf of every employee at PFS.”

Noel Moran, CEO, Prepaid Financial Services – 2018 Winner

“It really is a great arena to showcase how many great, innovative and fantastic companies there are out there. So I think it's really unique and valuable platform.”

Marte Dalsegg, Content Manager, Aker BioMarine – 2018 Winner

“Winning the award gave us attention, and many companies have contacted us in efforts to collaborate. Also, it raises the self-esteem of our organization to keep doing things no one has done before and going for the unknown.”

Matts Johansen, CEO, Aker BioMarine – 2018 Winner

“I think this is this is really powerful for us just because of the great businesses we saw in that room today.”

Neil Ross Russell, CEO, John Paul – 2018 Winner

“(…) we're working with all our people and making sure we got the best customer experience. This is a reward of the fact we're doing great actually. So I'm really proud, really really proud.”

Ben Maes, Commercial Manager Riwal – 2018 Winner

“It's fantastic to see the genuine companies that are here. And you know what they've been through to come to be so successful and to share the limelight with them for these two days, it's been brilliant.”

Ciara Shields, Marketing Manager, Neylons Facility Management – 2018 Winner

“It was stimulating for me as the chairman of the business to see us being able to excel in the questions that were being probed on - I was actually overwhelmed!”

Sylvester Neylon, Founder & Chairman, Neylons Facility Management – 2018 Winner

“It is a really truly a wow moment. It's not every day that we get recognized for what we do but it's really truly an honor to be here tonight”

Stefan Yan, Chief of Development – CDO, Bonum – 2018 Winner

“It was a very difficult process I have to say. I think the one comment we both had afterwards is that it was amazing how much knowledge the judges actually had about our industry. It was actually energizing and engaging to get the opportunity to speak about your company to people. We've had the most fun. This is probably our best working day ever together! Let's come back next year and do it all again.”

Lorraine Dundon, VP Head Brand & Corporate Communication, Tomra –2018 Winner

“For us this is a huge honor. We really feel privileged. We would like to say thank you to the coordinators, thank you to the sponsors and thank you to all the participants. I've seen so many success stories and we're really motivated and inspired by everything that you've done.”

Pierre Otto, Chief Financial Officer, AquaBioTech Group – 2018 Winner

“During the years of our partnership with the European Business Awards, we have been very privileged to witness the strong sense of the community that the EBA is creating. […]”

Stefan Walter, Partner, RSM Austria

“I am very much impressed by the perfect organization of this event.”

Conrad Bruch, Ambassador, Embassy of Luxembourg

“I think it’s important that you have the ability to measure yourself against your competition […] the European Business Awards gives you the chance to examine what you’re doing in your organisation and see how it stacks up against the other competitors.”

Liam O’Kelly, CEO, Airspeed Telecom –2015 Winner

“Attending The EBAs gave us the opportunity to network around other exhibitors, and in doing so we were able to establish relationships with different businesses, some of whom we now trade with and supply our services. ”

Sylvester Neylon, Managing Director, Neylons Facility Management, 2018 Winners

“It goes without saying that networking is incredibly important and this event provides the perfect platform to  meet like-minded people from all leading European industry sectors. The presentations were relevant and learning opportunities invaluable. ”

Helen Lambrou, Business Development Manager, Cedar Rose Int. Services Ltd, 2019 National Winners

“It's been a huge thing for our business over the last twelve months since we won last year. I think for our credentials and also the involvement with the whole awards process. It's been fantastic.”

Neil Johnson, Senior Partner, True Potential – 2018 Winner

“For the staff. For my family. For staying with it. It's just a great achievement; it's the pinnacle of your career.”

John Power, Chief Executive Officer, Aerogen- 2016 Winner

“When we're trying to diversify and to move into new markets where nobody knew our company - it is a very important business card. ”

Gabriel Gomez Celaya, General Manager, Marine Instruments – 2017 Winner

“One of the toughest things in our business is to find competence and talent and becoming an Employee of the Year in all of Europe will that certainly helped us in our public relations and being able to get that edge.”

Charlie Hansson, CEO, Chas Visual Management – 2017 Winner

“The fact that it's a European award makes it very attractive indeed because it just doesn't denote one country in the whole of Europe which is pretty incredible.”

Sir John Madejski, Founder of Auto-trader magazine and Chairman of Reading FC [on winning The Lifetime Achievement Award in 2015]

“The organisation of the event has been phenomenal. [The awards] have made us think in different ways and think of ways of also showing what we have done internally in our company. Especially the presentation part, this was extremely helpful for us as it gave us feedback from experienced people from different industries”

Alejandro Olle, Partner, Galencium Health – 2014 Winner

“We entered last year, we were a Ruban d’Honneur winner. We really enjoyed the competition – its great! You meet great people and sitting in front of the panel makes you realise your company’s strengths and your weaknesses as well. The awards are very important... They provide inspiration to the companies and they help entrepreneurs grow stronger. ”

Aris Kefalogiannis, CEO,GAEA Products – 2013 Winner

“I think it’s good PR to start with and since we are expanding, I think [the Award] will play a significant role in European countries where we don’t have reach yet”

George Chatzigeorgiou, CEO, Skroutz – 2014 Winner

“ The European Business Awards is the most serious, well-organised and trustworthy competition that we have ever participated in, this is why we participate nearly every year.”

Ozer Hincal, General Manager, Arvento Mobile Systems – 2014 Winner

“There is no other prize like this one in Europe.”

Isabel Martinez, Expansion Director, Consentino Group – 2014 Winner

“The networking around the European Business Awards really is exciting and I enjoyed meeting many people with great stories behind their company. It’s the best business awards in Europe – no doubt about that.”

Santiago Alfonso Rodirguez, Marketing and Communications Director, Cosentino Group –2014 Winner

“This is our second year here, working with the European business awards and I'd like to just make a few comments about it because we're big believers in what they stand for and it's not just about businesses and successful businesses making money. It's the bigger picture, which is about how those businesses serve society and serve people. […]”

John Seal, Head of Direct Lending, Aberdeen Standard Investments

“I'm delighted to be here tonight to participate in what is undoubtedly the largest and most prestigious industry awards in Europe and perhaps the world. Standing here tonight, I can recall how proud I felt two years ago receiving my award in Milan... ”

John Power, Chief Executive Officer, Aerogen [on winning in 2016]

“We are pleased to have played part in this challenging competition that enabled us to showcase and promote our company, share our knowledge, and play part in the debate about the future shape, form and substance of Europe’s entrepreneurial climate.”

Bart Devos, CEO, AR Metallizing

“[…] in a globalised world like the one we live in now […] it is extremely important to have a prize such as the European Business Awards which transcends national borders and celebrates businesses and entrepreneurs under the pan-European umbrella.”

Vicente Berbegal, CEO, Actiu – Winner 2017

“We are delighted to be associated with such a prestigious award. It gives you great confidence to be recognized as a very successful business and one of the best in Europe.”

Neil Brown, CEO, Inclusion Housing – 2017 Winner

“EBA brings together many companies from many countries. This allows you to search for good practices in your industry or in other industries. It also offers you a minute to stand still and benchmark what you are doing with others. It is a good communication tool, and, if you win, a great motivation for everyone in the company.”

Rodrigo de Salas, Director of Communications, Leroy Merlin España – 2017 Winner

“To win the European Business Award is a fantastic recognition for the whole team, an acknowledgment to our work and to our business growth strategy. […]”

Gabriel Gomez Celaya, Managing Director, MARINE INSTRUMENTS S.A – 2017 Winner

“[…] As well as being an excellent way to raise your profile, it is also a very effective way to strike up partnerships with other firms and access new markets to help you scale up even further.”

David Harrison, Managing Partner, True Potential LLP – 2017 Winner

“The EBAs can definitely impact and influence the European Business Community. The Award ceremony is the a tip of the iceberg and the research, alumni, conferences and webinars have added value for the participants who want to improve their business. ”

Mirjana Mladič, Marketing, Communication & HRD Expert, MIKRO+POLO d.o.o, 2019 Winners

“The European Business Awards represents a cross-industry and cross-country event, in which you have the chance to get in touch with European leaders of several industries. ”

Karin Benintendi, Marketing Assistant, Smigroup, 2019 National Winners

“Since winning this award, it feels like there have been so many amazing potential opportunities knocking on our door, creating exciting partnerships or allowing us to build our brand even more! ”

Edwin Van der Vennet, CEO, beMatrix - 2018 Winner

“We had an excellent opportunity for networking. Competing with outstanding entrepreneurs in a productive environment, opens channels that lead to improvement, innovation and open minded approaches. This is why European Business Awards contributes positively to the European business community. ”

Nikos Moschovos, Marketing Manager, MINETTA, 2019 National Winners

“The effect of our participation in the Awards was definitely positive. We received a lot of publicity, and being named National Winner was a recognition of our efforts that meant a lot to our people, and we are looking forward to benefiting once again from getting to know outstanding businesses at the next awards.”

Nikos Moschovos, Marketing Manager, MINETTA, 2019 National Winners

“The European Business Award offers various opportunities to further improve your own company, from the questions and the communication at the event with colleagues and the judges. I would describe the European Business Award as a good opportunity to rethink your own corporate philosophy and would definitely recommend participating. ”

Stefan Hofer, Marketing Leader, Neumüller Unternehmensgruppe, 2019 National Winners

“We are proud of having won this award, which is outstanding recognition of the Group’s commitment to the durability of its products. ”

Alain Pautrot, VP After-Sales & Consumer Satisfaction, Groupe SEB - 2018 Winner

“What the Judges say about 2018 contestants ”

“I think it is important that we showcase our most exceptional businesses, share knowledge and generate debate around the creation of a stronger European business community. The European Business Awards does just that.”

Karel De Gucht, Former European Commissioner for Trade

“Everyone here tonight is a winner. They are all doing stuff that many people dream of and they are out there realising their dreams. Those people who are going to get awards tonight are at the very top of the pillar.”

Stephen Pattison, CEO, International Chamber of Commerce - 2011 Judge

“This event inspires and stimulates European Business to reaching exacting criteria, where not only annual turnover and sales count, but also factors with high social importance – what we call business ethics.”

Petar Stoyanov, Former President of Bulgaria - 2011 Judge

“Judging the European Business Awards is a unique opportunity. To hear the extraordinary success stories, innovative ideas and to see the people and witness the passion they have for their businesses is truly a privilege. It’s an investment in myself. ”

Albert Hakkers, HR Director, Diageo Europe - 2011 Judge

“Now, in times of tightening trade relations outside of the EU and looming trade wars, we should more than ever do our best to help companies to succeed and promote innovative and ethical businesses in Europe. Therefore, I will be happy to promote European Business Awards and encourage more Czech companies to take part in any prestigious competitions that will help them gain a wider recognition outside of the country. I am confident that there are many Czech companies which are highly innovative and able to compete with the best of Europe. ”

Andrej Babiš, Prime Minister of the Czech Republic

“In my view, the EBA contributes to drive innovation, share experiences and drive progress for better European business. It contributes to setting new standards and is evolving to become a benchmark for the best of European business”

Stefan Ranstrand, CEO, Tomra - 2016 Judge

“I have been taking part in EBA judging session for few years and it is always a great business and personal experience. What is so fantastic about that is meeting successful and passionate people. Along with fellowship of other international judges we see how entrepreneurs change ideas and motivation into performance. It always gives me new, true and valuable lessons about business. And it is fun. I would recommend this experience to every entrepreneur.”

Michal Perner, Vice President, Medort - 2016 Judge

“It’s been a privilege participating as a judge for the EBA. Its given me great insight into some amazing businesses and the way in which they are competing in their industry. I’ve met many interesting people and definitely got more from the process than I put in”

Darren Roos, General Manager, SAP - 2016 Judge

“The European Business Awards are Europe’s largest business excellence awards, so we were absolutely delighted to be crowned as UK Champion and the overall European Winner for Environmental and Corporate Sustainability. […] The exposure that you get on a European level is fantastic. Whether a winner or not, just being involved gives a business the opportunity to communicate their successes and feel proud of all that they have achieved. […]”

Richard Clothier, Managing Director, WykeFarms – 2016 Winner

“It’s an absolute honour just to be here (…) ”

Dagmara Lamont, Childbase Partnership - 2018 Winner

“This is a great opportunity for us to demonstrate how well our business is growing. It is our chance to show the market what we are doing for our employees and how much we value them”

Bahadir Pekka, CEO, Turkcell Global Bilgi - 2011 Winner

“The biggest impact was the motivation of our employees and creating an overall feel-good momentum in our company as well as the feeling of pride that they work in one of the best European companies”

Barbara Vuković, CFO, Metal Product, 2019 Winners

“It's actually one of the most prestigious awards that a company can get in Europe and worldwide. So European Business Awards are a well-known business reward organization. So it's going to be a big, big thing for us. ”

Alexandro Losifidis, General Manager, Interform S.A, 2019 National Winners

“Our involvement in the European Business Awards had a very positive effect on our business. The media coverage and publicity gave a boost to our company and contributed to brand awareness.”

Peggy Stavrianou, Operations Manager,DHI Global Medical Group - 2019 Winner

“The European Business Awards has really helped to grow our confidence, it gave us the green light to go back to our company, and our management and staff and say we are doing something really right here. ”

Sylvester Neylon, Managing Director, Neylons Facility Management, 2018 Winners

“It is an honour for us to have been recognised by Europe’s Leading Business Awards programme as one of the top 110 businesses in Europe.”

Carlos Ledo, CEO, IDAI NATURE S.L. - 2016 Finalist

“We are very pleased with this independent recognition of our ec-H2O technology. It strengthens our belief that developing more environmental cleaning solutions is the right way to go for Tennant Company, also - and perhaps especially - in these challenging economic times.”

Karel Huijser, VP International, Tennant Company - 2009 Winner

“We cannot get out of this crisis without businesses, that’s why I very much welcome the European Business Awards because it puts these businesses in the picture”

Karel De Gucht, Former EU Trade Commissioner 2012 Judge

“The Awards have brought us excellent publicity and generated some really interesting business opportunities. It was a great decision to participate.”

Tink Taylor, COO, dotDigital Group Plc - 2012 Winner & 2013 Ruban D'Honneur

“...To us, our employees are everything... they are the business. We are always looking into ways to give back and thank them for their input. When we set up ROFF in 1996, we never expected to win any awards and it is a huge honour to be recognised for our activities.”

Ricardo Regal, CEO, ROFF - 2014 Ruban D'Honneur

“This award is a fantastic external recognition of our team, which has been instrumental in executing a highly successful business transformation strategy over the past four years. ”

Neil Ventura, CEO, Diamdel - 2011Finalist

“We have had great feedback from friends and partners in the business. Winning the Awards brought a lot of attention from other European players in our business, but most importantly it has made our employees very happy and proud.”

Louise Herping Ellegaard, Director & Co-founder, Clio Online ApS -2016 Winner

“We are very proud that you have recognised the excellence of the Slovenian companies also on a European level, which will further enhance their visibility and give them even more credit to perform on the European market and also outside. We believe that the aims and the purpose of the “European Business Awards” to create a stronger, more successful and ethical business community are similar to ours. Ministry of the Economic Development and Technology, among others, supports the development and increasing competitiveness of our companies. With the support of innovations, creativity and digitalisation we would like to prepare our economy to a new era. ”

Zdravko Počivalšek, Minister of Economic Development and Technology, Republic of Slovenia

““It's a great thing because the number of companies that are competing and I think we put in a huge amount of effort into the video but just to get that recognition and that level of support from people who've effectively voted for us is fantastic. I think to win the public vote is always a great thing. It's been a huge thing for our business over the last twelve months since we won last year. I think for our credentials and also the involvement with the whole awards process. It's been fantastic.” ”

Neil Johnson, Senior Partner, True Potential

“The EBAs promote success, innovation and ethics in the European business community. They are the most important Award in European Business.”

Peggy Stavrianou, Operations Manager,DHI Global Medical Group - 2019 Winner

“Because the EBA is a prestigious award, with more than 150,000 companies participating in 2019, even getting on the “Ones to Watch” list is a success by itself. ”

Barbara Vuković, CFO, Metal Product, 2019 Winners

“I would recommend anyone to enter as a way of analysing their own business performance, strengths and weaknesses. The entry process itself is useful. ”

Christina Massaad, Managing Director, Cedar Rose Int. Services Ltd, 2019 National Winners

“The audience was diverse and represented different industries at a good level of management, we would recommend to enter the awards for brand awareness. ”

Laurent Lafarge, CEO, ANEVIA, 2019 National Winners

“In this difficult time for EU, the ceremony and having all these countries celebrating entrepreneurship and innovation is strengthening European identity and collaboration.”

Laurent Lafarge, CEO, ANEVIA, 2019 National Winners

“The EBA is a perfect opportunity to match company practice to the peers from the whole Europe and to increase the company’s reputation.  An opportunity worth taking advantage of. ”

Mirjana Mladič, Marketing, Communication & HRD Expert, MIKRO+POLO d.o.o, 2019 Winners

“The most valuable process for us was the judging, the judges are really high caliber people with international experience, so it was great to have that interaction. ”

Sylvester Neylon, Managing Director, Neylons Facility Management, 2018 Winners

“[…] the more I'm learning about it, the more I'm appreciating the idea behind it because it nurtures the values of innovation, ethics, and best practices, which is definitely what the European businesses need for their own sake. And I repeat again for the wellbeing of society in general.”

Natasha Meli Daudey, Ambassador, Embassy of the Republic of Malta
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