Tracc Films

Tracc Films

At present video and film is widely regarded as one of the most powerful communication and marketing tools available to business. (Forrester estimates a minute of video to be worth the equivalent of 1.8 million words)  But to harness those benefits you have to get it right.

·         We help our clients make engaging video and film that gets

          their audiences to think differently or take action.

·         And as importantly we also make sure it is watched - We do

          this by getting it in front of and viewed by your target


This enables our clients to harness the massively powerful effects of video and film as a communication and marketing tool.

It is this talent and expertise that has attracted companies, small and large, from Ikea to Ebay to work with us to help them achieve their marketing and communications goals through video.

Our work ranges from short documentaries, to explanation and product demonstration films, from case studies to adverts, from testimonials to case studies, if you would like to put the power of video to use in your business we would love to talk to you about how to make that happen.


Why we are proud to partner with the European Business Awards 

We strongly believe that the future welfare of all of Europe is completely linked to a vibrant, competitive and innovative business community. In partnering with the European Business Awards our aim is to support the aims and ideals of this excellent initiative and assist if required, the most successful companies use video powerfully in their marketing and communications.

We are supporting the Awards to achieve the following four outcomes:

·         Support and promote the European Business Awards

          initiative and its goals

·         Assist the participating companies become more

          successful by providing our services or making introductions

          through our network (when relevant and requested)

·         Work and meet with great businesses

·         And learn lots about and from exceptional companies 


Tracc Films is a Video Content Marketing Agency


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