Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register for the European Business Awards?

Entries for the European Business Awards 2020/21 opened on 30th April 2020, you can register to enter here. Once you have registered your details you will be able to log into your personal profile page. This provides secure access to all you the information you will need to submit an entry when the entries open.

Which category should I enter?

Think carefully about your business. Is there a specific area of business you feel your company has excelled in over the last 12 months? Is there a person or project which stands out from your other parts of the business? Or has the whole business delivered excellent growth?

Once you have done that, see the full list of categories and how to apply

Can I enter if I am a not-for-profit organisation?

While Judges look to the profit and loss sheets as a barometer of corporate success, there is no reason why a not-for-profit organisation should not enter the European Business Awards. Remember, the key things our judges look to reward are innovation, excellence and strong ethics. These three pillars of good business are equally applicable in the not-for-profit sector.

Who were the previous winners?

 View a full list of Winners from past years here.

(Please note: the format of the 2020/21 Awards has changed and now consists of these 3 stages; 'Ones to Watch', 'National Winners' and 'Category Winners').

How are the Awards financed?

Every year, the European Business Awards gets bigger and better. Our continued success and growth is largely facilitated thanks to our sponsors and partners.

Who are the Judges?

Some of the greatest business leaders and industry experts are invited to join our panel of judges. We are delighted to unveil a portfolio of renowned decision makers from major multi-national companies to key figures in business journalism and governments. To see the list of judges from previous years, click here

How do you select the Judges?

Judges are invited to participate in the competition based on their experience, business acumen and expertise. Each panel includes different nationalities and they are naturally well-versed in the cultural aspects of each of the finalists' countries.

What Criteria are the entries judged on?

Additionally to meeting our principles of SUCCESS, INNOVATION & ETHICS there are 7 Judging Criteria:








When is the entry deadline?

Entry for the European Business Awards 2020/21 opens on 30th April  2020 - Entries now close on  Tuesday 12th October 2021


What are the stages in the awards?


The Awards will publish a “Ones to Watch” list for each country in Europe that has competing businesses. Every business will need to demonstrate the core principles of the Awards: Success, Innovation and Ethics as well as exemplary performance in one of 18 Awards categories. Entries open on the 30th April 2020 and close in  April 2022


For Ones to Watch competing to become National Winners, 11-40 National Winners will be selected by Judges to represent their country in the European finals of the competition. The companies that demonstrate exceptional performance in each of the 11 Award categories will be selected to compete in the European finals. 


The National Winners from each European country will come together to compete to win in 1 of the 11 categories in the Awards at the EBA Summit.

Can I upload any supporting documents?

There is no need to upload supporting documents, if Judges need more information they will ask us to contact you directly.

Can we get feedback if we have been unsuccessful?

We can provide some feedback from the Chairman of the Judges, you would need to contact the team directly to request this.

I do not want to provide financial information, can my company still enter?

You cannot submit an entry form without financial information. In order to complete your entry, we will need you to complete the financial section to be able to compete and show your business success to the judges. This information is treated as confidential. No information will be published or used publicly. All our judges sign confidentiality agreements.

What is your policy on Commercial Confidence?

All information provided will be treated in the strictest confidence and will only be viewed by The European Business Awards and its sponsors, the judging panel and the Chair of Judges. We have strict confidential and non-disclosure agreements internally and with our sponsors, to ensure all information is treated in complete confidence and not shared outside of the European Business Awards. Information for marketing collateral and brochures for the Awards will be requested separately and therefore agreed by you.

Can my company sponsor an Award?

Yes - please contact Emma Cozens on +44 (0) 207 234 3544 to find out more.

When and where will the 2020/21 Gala Awards Ceremony be held?

The Gala Awards Ceremony will be held in a European City Summer 2022. Location is TBC.

Can I submit more than one entry form?

You can only submit one entry form for a company in one category.

What happens after I enter?

You will receive an email to confirm that your entry has been submitted. If you do not receive this please contact us. You will then be informed if your company is selected as one of the Ones To Watch.

When and where are the Ones To Watch Events?

This is TBC.

What are the benefits of entering the Awards?

  • ENDORSEMENT: “Receiving recognition for what we have achieved at AirSpeed Telecom from such a high calibre judging panel represents a significant endorsement for our business.” - Airspeed Telecom (2014-15 Winner)
  • NETWORKING: “It is an important opportunity for companies in Europe to connect and a great chance for leaders to network.” - Science4you (2015/16 Winner)
  • EXPOSURE: “We have noticed a significant increase in contact from the international press. The profile of our company has been enhanced on a global level.” - Prepaid Financial Services (2017/18 Winner)
  • LEARNING: “The Awards have helped BMZ in our wider understanding of European business.” - BMZ (2014-15 Winner)
  • ACCESS TO COMMUNITY: “EBA provides the opportunity for cooperation and learning from each other across both industry boundaries and national borders. It simply helps us all to become better.” - Samhall (2014-15 Winner)

See what people say about us: 

The 2017/18 Awards created a total of €18m in media coverage and €14m in new business for our partners.

Is it free to enter?

We run this Awards programme as a social enterprise and although we have some great sponsors who support us, we believe in the principle of fairness and expect you to pay for what you consume or use. We do ask you to consider covering contributing to the cost of your entry at 258€  you can still enter without contributing, it does not effect your prospects in the competition and is entirely voluntary.

When is the Public Video Vote stage?

After the Ones to Watch list has been announced, we will invite the listed companies to create and submit their video for the chance to compete in our Public Vote. Dates for 2021/22 TBC.

What is the Public Video Vote stage?

You are given instructions and have the opportunity to upload a video about your business. This will be shown on the home page of the EBA website and you can promote your video link and your Ones To Watch status on social media, in the press and with your customers and stakeholders. It is a great way to shout about what you are doing and try to get the most votes to win the European Public Winner!

Why should I enter this extra competition?

The European Business Awards encourage companies on the Ones to Watch list to enter the public voting stage as there are a multitude of benefits. Taking part in the Video vote is not only an amazing way to amplify and reinforce your endorsement by the EBA, but also a fantastic way to engage with your community and is great content for your social media.

Do I have to compete in the Public Video Vote stage?

The Public Video Vote is a completely separate competition to the other stages of the European Business Awards and is not compulsory. You do not have to take part and whether or not you do submit a video in this competition it will not have any effect on your progress throughout the main European Business Awards competition. Although we highly recommend you do take part in both as this is a fantastic opportunity to promote your business and creates a huge amount or PR for you.

What is the deadline for submitting a video entry and when will they be available to vote for?

After the Ones to Watch have been announced, they will be invited to submit a video entry. Dates for 2021/22 TBC.

If we submit a video entry, when will we find out if we have become the European Public Winner?

The company with the highest number of votes in the Public Video Vote will be announced as the European Public Winner at the Gala Ceremony. 

Do I have to bring a Banner to the Face to face judging session?

To help the Judges and other companies learn about your business, we request each company prepares a National Winner Banner, it shows Judges and attendees key facts about what your business does and your success. We have produced a free template for companies to use to create their Banner. We can create the Banner for you. You can order this via the events page. If you order your Banner through us it will be ready at your judging stand when you arrive, saving you having to travel with it and organising putting it up at your stand, making it hassle free!

Please make sure anything you bring with you is taken away immediately after your judging session, as we need to change the room around quickly. Companies must take sole responsibility for any possessions they bring to the event.

Can I bring a laptop or power point presentation to the face to face judging?

Yes, you may bring a laptop with you to provide visual aids to the judges if you wish to. Please make sure your laptop is fully charged, you will not have access to a power socket at your stand. Please make sure anything you bring with you is taken away immediately after your judging session, as we need to change the room around quickly. Companies must take sole responsibility for any possessions they bring to the event.

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