28 Oct 2013

They Could Be Giants – Adrian Tripp

They Could Be Giants – Adrian Tripp

Last Wednesday we launched our new initiativeThey Could be Giants’; a programme set up to showcase companies at an early stage with the potential to be disruptive their markets. They are an extremely impressive group of innovative, entrepreneurial and highly promising businesses.

The initiative first came about when we spotted companies coming through the awards that had stand out business products or services but could not yet prove financial success. We wanted to help and give visibility to businesses like this.

Additionally we wanted to show Europe and the rest of the world that we have some very innovative early stage businesses with huge potential coming out of a lot of different sectors – which obviously bodes well for the future.

They Could be Giants’ was born

So what next? Well, firstly we hope that because the European Business Awards attracts so much interest from around the globe, that this platform will give these companies prominence in the market, increase their exposure, and help them attract investors, customers and partners.

Secondly, as we now track these businesses we hope to see many of them reach their potential and achieve exponential growth. Obviously for such a varied group this will come via different routes: be it organic, through investment and partnership from a bigger player, global expansion or within a niche market. There is no ‘right’ way, we just hope it happens for them.

Additionally, we want to learn from this. It will be very useful to understand more about the commercialisation of innovation. What is the crucial element that realises potential? Is it the visibility, or is it funding? Is it driven by hugely talented management teams, or ultimately is it the unique product that is the key? And what role does luck play? We intend to share our findings with the business community as the insights unfurl.

Finally, the success of companies like these is essential for the continuous renewal (and growth) of European economies. By shining a light on our ‘giants’ we hope to give them a boost on their way, as well as bring attention to the importance of improving the commercialisation of Europe’s early stage innovators.

Please get in touch if you would like to be considered for ‘They Could be Giants’.

Good luck to our brilliant first batch of ‘giants’.

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