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John B. Matthews, Chairman, AirX 

Headquartered in Malta with offices in the UK and USA, AirX services the global brokering community with its first class, diversified fleet. Its elite client list including A-list celebrities, high net worth individuals, royal families, government officials, top corporate executives, sports teams and global music tours, demonstrates AirX’s reputation as industry leaders.

AirX is the largest Citation X operator in Europe and boasts the world’s largest executive jet available for charter, the industry renowned A340, aptly named 9H-BIG. The rest of its fleet comprises of Legacy 600s, Challenger 850s, and Boeing 737-500s.

As well as high-end travel the company also carries out ACMI (Aircraft, Crew, Maintenance and Insurance) contracts with its ability to transform its VIP Boeing 737 aircraft into an economy configuration for low cost travel. The aircraft can also be branded in a very short time frame making AirX popular for delegate and corporate travel. By operating a flexible and diversified fleet AirX has separated itself from its competitors with great success.

Noted as one of the top 10 private jet operators worldwide, AirX prides itself on its ability to ensure the highest standard of service, safety and comfort at the most competitive price. AirX’s superlative service has seen it listed as a National Champion representing Malta by the European Business Awards 2016/2017. The organisation has also recognised AirX’s unique business structure and vision, with the Ruban D’Honneur award for its Chairman, John B. Matthews.

An impressive growth period over the last few years has seen AirX, the relative newcomer, quickly cement its position as a leader in charter jet operations due to its unique and proven strategic business model. 

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