“Think like a start-up”  “Disruption is not just a buzzword – it’s a business model”

About the session:

“Are you going to be the disruptor or the disrupted?”

Given the current pace of change and technology enablers lowering the barriers to entry, there isn’t an industry incumbent today whose profits and market share isn’t under threat from potential disruption by startups.

The startup mind-set is synonymous with “being innovative” and this is a fundamentally different way of thinking to those existing organisations that “do innovation” – often in a department isolated from the rest of the organisation.

With over three decades of experience leading innovation initiatives across a wide range of industries, Andrew weaves a wealth of insights and anecdotes into a colourful metaphor that is used to help audiences and organisations explore the rich innovation ecosystem that encompasses employees, suppliers, academics, analysts, customers, industry organisations and even society at large. In doing so, he inspires you to begin a transformational journey from “doing” innovation to “being” more innovative in everything you do.

For further reading on the subject, Andrew recommends starting herehttps://hbr.org/2017/10/data-from-3-5-million-employees-shows-how-innovation-really-works

About Andrew:

The former Vice President of Technology Research at Visa Europe, Andrew is a passionate technologist, innovator and storyteller. 

His current primary activity is global scanning and scouting for the changes in TIPS – Technologies, Innovations, Patents and Start-ups, behind the trends that are driving new business models and shaping consumer behaviour.

As an Innovation Catalyst, he works with both established organisations and start-ups across the world, advising and mentoring them to envisage the range of possible futures fuelled, accelerated and enabled by technology, constantly repeating his mantra of “the story of the future is not yet written, don’t wait to read about it as history made by someone else – start writing your own story today!”.

Find out more about Andrew here: https://www.andrewvorster.com/whatdoes/

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