The Scarcity of Talent and What To Do About It - Elena Stylianou

About the talk:

The shortage of talented people is the number one problem that holds back growth in most high performing companies. What can you do to get more than your fair share of the best talent out there?

What you will learn:

•             How to understand the true nature of the shortage (is it the combination of skills shortages, the industry demand for those specific skills, etc?) and the likelihood of filling the gaps using existing strategies

•             Effective tactics and strategies to source scarce talent

•             What you should do before going to market to source talent


  • Prepare before you go to market to source talent.
  • Remember that the Interview is a two way process.
  • Differentiate from your competition.
  • Stay Relevant and Current.
  • Reward not only for targets relevant to numbers but also for soft skills and culture alignment
  • Train people to adapt to change and to be ambassador’s of company culture
  • Build Internal Relationships between hierarchical levels

About Elena:

Elena Stylianou, Partner, Executive Search, HR Consulting & Payroll Services, RSM Greece

Elena Stylianou heads the “People Services” of RSM and namely the HR Consulting & Executive Search Department as well as the Outsourcing Payroll Services Department.

With more than 15 years of experience in Human Capital Consulting services including Executive Search and Selection, Performance Appraisal and Review and Optimisation of organisational structures both in Greece and abroad. Elena is fully engaged with RSM International events and she is the project leader for the European Business Awards sponsored by RSM in Greece, for which she has received several awards.

She previously worked in Executive Search and Selection at Ridgeway Partners in London and at Rowlands International in Luxembourg. However, her work experience spans across several other geographic locations including Singapore, India, the Middle East and the greater Benelux area.

Elena has experience in working with businesses across all sectors, including food and beverage, aviation, shipping, services and production industries.  She led projects including Executive Search and Recruitment, Cultural Analysis, Job & Competency Analysis, Design of Organisational Charts & Job Descriptions, Performance Appraisals, Assessment Centres & Psycometric Testing as well as Team Building Projects. Moreover she has headed the Payroll Services Department for over a year and a half now, bringing it to second place in the Greek Market.

BSc in Psycology and an MSc in Organisational Psycology and qualified Level A & Level B Psycometric Test Administrator (British Psychological Society).

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