100% Growth – Conference Agenda and Presentations

The European Business Awards undertook a survey in which 560 business leaders across Europe were asked ‘What were the major hurdles that prevented them growing their businesses even faster?’ The results of the survey became the focus of the 100% Growth Conference and each of the conference sessions addressed at least one specific hurdle that had been brought to light. Hosted by Luc Bardin, the conference saw 13 successful speakers from across Europe gather together to provide an informative morning of learning for Europe’s best businesses.

Below are details of each of the conference sessions. The presentations from the morning available to download here and you can watch the sessions from the conference here.

100% Growth – Conference Agenda

Session 1: Strategy and Brand - How Developing your Strategic Brand will take you well beyond 100% Growth hosted by Luc Bardin, Strategic Partnering

Luc Bardin discussed how to build your brand strategically and systematically for 300% sustainable growth. Focusing on B2B and B2G business brands, Bardin discussed the importance of growth in our digitally transformed 4th Industrial Revolution.


Session 2: Digital Disruption - Harnessing Technology hosted by Katherine Corich, CEO, SYSDOC; Associate Fellow and Lecturer, Oxford University, Saïd Business School

Katherine Corich discussed how no industry is safe from disrupting technological advancements. Corich advised the audience to learn from teenagers and take time to understand the technologies disrupting your industry.


Session 3: Improving Sales Effectiveness for Growth hosted by Steven Vantongelen,Principal Sales Consultant, Sales Performance International

Steven Vantongelen addressed how to reinvent sales with shorter cycles by selecting top sales talent, adopting a collaborative approach, adapting to new buyer behavior, differentiating yourself from your competitors and finding profitable new business.


Session 4: Breaking into New Markets hosted by Session Chair: Tony Kelly, Chairman, TRACC Films

Olle Zetterberg, CEO, Stockholm Business Region

Olle Zetterberg explained how to succeed in the Stockholm region. Zetterberg pointed towards transparency, gender equality, a cashless society and few hierarchies as the key to success in the region.

Achim Hartig, Head of Investor Consulting, GTAI

Achim Hartig discussed how Mittelstand (small and medium-sized enterprises) are the core of the German economy, not only as partners and customers, but also as continuous innovators.

Bojan Ambrus, Head of Customer Acquisition, SDL group

Bojan Ambrus spoke about the critical importance of translation for quality communication and the need for it to be accessible to businesses at affordable prices.

Julia Summerville, Director, International Tax Services, RSM USA

Julia Summerville discussed the advantages of breaking into the USA and spoke about the best ways to do it successfully, starting from the importance of selecting your location through to basic administrative matters.


Session 5: Funding Growth hosted by Session Chair: John R Seal, Head of Private Mid-Market Debt, SL Capital Partners LLP

The conference’s final session saw its panel discuss the importance of considering fast-growing advanced financing sources such as venture capital, private equity and junior exchanges, and also recommended considering Asset Based Lending (ABL). The panel emphasised that as a user, you must be clear on your size group, your rating and your real need to compare and select the optimal types of finance. 


            Tom Tyler,Global Head of Sales, ELITE - London Stock Exchange

            Carlo Marini, Board Member, Epic

            Daniel Morland, Partner, Tomorrow Partners LLP

            Gabriele Tipaldi, Partner from RSM Capital Markets


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