2 Apr 2019

What does it feel like to be an EBA Winner?

Each year we get the opportunity to recognise the innovators, entrepreneurs and leading business people making a difference in Europe. So what exactly does it feel like to be named a Category Winner at the European Business Awards? We’re taking a look back at the moments when our past Winners were announced and asking them to relive the moment that they became EBA Winners:

Edwin Van der Vennet, CEO, Bematrix – 2017/18 Winner of The Business of the Year with Turnover of €0-25 Million

“I was already proud to be in the awards ceremony room as a National Winner. When the winner of the best business with €0-25 million turnover was about to be announced I was relaxed, not really expecting to win. The day before, during the jury session, I had walked around the floor and felt such a powerful vibe in the room that it made me feel even more proud to be one of them.

When I heard: ‘and the winner from Belgium is beMatrix…’ I was stunned and speechless at first. After a couple of seconds, I felt an intense feeling of respect of what we, as a team, have accomplished and in the way that we did it.”

Stefan Yan, Chief Development Officer & Ruben Wilhelmsen, Chief Marketing Officer, Bonum – 2017/18 Winner of The Business of the Year with Turnover of €26-150 Million

Stefan:It is a really truly a wow moment. It's not every day that we get recognized for what we do but it's really truly an honor to accept this award on behalf of not only the company but everyone else that works at Bonum.”

Ruben:This really goes out to all our fantastic hardworking employees. We're just in awe of what people can do when they come together.”

Matts Johansen, CEO, Aker BioMarine – 2017/18 Winner of The Award for Innovation

“I felt proud and honoured when finding out that we had won. Being named Europe’s most innovative company first and foremost reflects our dedicated employees; they have contributed to making our business a success.”

Vicente Berbegal Pérez, President and Founder, ACTIU – 2016/17 Winner of The RSM Entrepreneur of the Year Award

“I feel extremely lucky and, if anything, I feel excited to continue to build upon this project that I started 50 years ago. This is the first time that a Spanish entrepreneur has received this European recognition of their professional journey. For Actiu, the award represents an opportunity to be acknowledged in Europe and across the world.”

Neil Brown, CEO, Inclusion Housing – 2016/17 Winner of The Business of the Year Award with Turnover of €0-25m

“We are delighted to be associated with such a prestigious award. It gives you great confidence to be recognized as a very successful business and one of the best in Europe. Furthermore, it will help us build the company, forge ahead, as it enhances our reputation. We will be more confident in approaching other partners and creating additional successful relationships.”

Neil Ross Russell, CEO, John Paul – 2017/18 Winner of The ELITE Award for Growth Strategy of the Year Award

“Wow. I think this is this is really powerful for us just because of the great businesses we saw in that room today. There's 30 or so amazing businesses and we just want to say congratulations to all of you.”

Pierre Otto, Chief Financial Officer, Aquabiotech – 2017/18 Winner of The Germany Trade and Invest Award for International Expansion

“Thank you very much. For us, this is a huge honour. We really feel privileged. I've seen so many success stories [at the Gala and summit] and we're really motivated and inspired by everything that you've done.

This is really a hard work paying off. We feel very privileged, it is a great honour to be recognized for what we're doing.”


For your chance to become an EBA Winner, enter your company in the 2019 European Business Awards here.

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