19 Feb 2016

Top Tips for engagement from past National Public Champions for the public vote

With a week to go until the deadline of the first phase of the public vote – and before many companies move to the second phase - we thought it would be useful to share some additional advice from previous Public Champions.

Here are their top tips:

1) Use any opportunity to promote yourself – your staff are your best asset, make sure they promote you at all meetings, road shows, through all channels possible.

2) Use the video - the creation and promotion of a professional video adds a competitive edge to gain the buy-in of customers, partners and business leaders.

3) Do a local campaign – even if you are a global company, it is important to have local support. With the support of your local media, you can create a great feeling of local pride

4) Use Political/Business contacts - your day to day activities probably bring you into contact with influential individuals in all sectors. Ask them to help promote you.

5) Concentrate on social media – through both personal social media and the company’s social media accounts: facebook, linkedin, twitter, blog pages; company website, sub-departments’ websites, etc.

6) Keep at it – don’t just announce it once; keep reminding everyone at least a couple of times a week. Get other deparments within your company involved such as HR, IT, Academics, Business Development etc and of course your customers.

7) Keep To the Point - be concise and have clear instructions as to what is expected of them to do in order to support the company in this contest. And most of all make everyone feel proud to be part of it.

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