10 Apr 2019

ONES TO WATCH – The first stage of the European Business Awards

What is the ‘Ones to Watch’ list?

Made up of Europe’s most exciting and dynamic companies, the ‘Ones to Watch’ list is published by the European Business Awards each year. To be selected for the list, companies will have proven themselves as not only being Europe’s most innovative, successful and ethical businesses but will also have exemplary performance in one of the 18 Awards categories.

Consisting of 100-250 businesses from each of the 33 countries, companies included on the list will be given the opportunity with other Ones to Watch listed businesses to become National Winners for their country.

How do we choose the ‘Ones to Watch’?

Companies included on the ‘Ones to Watch’ list will come from all sectors; from manufacturing to retail, agriculture to technology, and will be of all sizes; from start-ups to billion euro businesses. They will have either entered to compete in the competition, have been proposed as an exemplary business by our team of research and analysts or will have been nominated by an EBA partner.

To determine which of the companies should be included on the list, our team of researchers and analysts undertake research, analysis and verification work to compile and select businesses for the ‘Ones to Watch’ list using set criteria. First this is based on the core principles of the Awards; Success, Innovation and Ethics and then analysed for exemplary performance in one of the 18 Award categories.

What does it mean to be on the ‘Ones to Watch’ list?

Being named on the ‘Ones to Watch’ list means that your company has been recognised as one of Europe’s best and brightest companies! It is also allows businesses to compete to win in the awards, giving your business the opportunity to represent your country as a National Winner. Each of the companies on the ‘Ones to Watch’ list will also be given the chance to compete in the public voting stage of the competition. In order to compete in the public vote, companies will submit a short video entry so that members of the public can vote for their favourite company. The public vote provides an excellent opportunity to engage with your community and shout about your endorsement by the EBAs.

Find out more about the other stages in the competition here.

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