24 May 2017

LEROY MERLIN: the Awards provided us with networking opportunities with possible partners


Winner of the Award for Customer Focus for the 2016/17 European Business Awards sponsored by RSM

LEROY MERLIN specialises in home improvement and the interior design of the home, with a firm commitment to quality, people and the environment. Through almost 400 stores in 12 countries across the world it offers products and solutions that improve the quality of life of their customers. www.leroymerlin.com

1. What does it mean to you to win the European Business Award?

It gives great satisfaction to all of us, since it recognizes the value of the strategies and efforts that we are putting in place in our company, in comparison with the best across Europe.

2. Has it changed anything for your business - will it change anything in the future?

It reinforces our convictions on what we are doing and what we have to do in the future. There are aspects of our strategy and performance that might be consolidated by this award, as it makes them more visible among our employees.

3. What did you gain from going through the Awards process? For example, did writing the application focus you on your business strategy?

It allowed us to pull together many of the advancements achieved across the company. Putting everything together gave us a great advantage in terms of visibility and an overall view of the business.

4. Did the networking opportunities during the competition allow you make any new relationships/contacts/partnerships or clients?

Yes. It provided interesting networking opportunities. For us not so much with clients but more with influencers and possible partners.

5. Would you recommend other businesses in Europe to apply? If yes why?

Sure. It allows you to build your reputation, is a good tool for corporate communications and, if you win, a great motivation for everyone in the company. 

The EBAs also bring together many companies from many countries. This allows you to search for good practices in your industry or in other industries. It also offers you a minute to stand still and benchmark what you are doing with others.

6. What top tips would you give to a new company regarding:

- the entry form: Build a story, from the beginning to the end. Explain your challenges and how you faced them. Be structured in your story and give as much data and proff points as possible

- the video: It is hard to synthetize everything in a couple of minutes. Prepare it well, rehearse, and make it fun.

- the public vote: Share it with as many people as you can. With your suppliers, partners and clients. This is one of the most powerful communication tools of the process. The more you share it the most people will know you are doing well.

7. What is the key to your success?

Having a sound strategic approach with solid results. And being able to match it well to the framework of the awards and its requirements.

8. What is the greatest lesson you have learnt in business?

People are what really make the difference. You may have the best ideas or strategy, but it will be your people and your stakeholders that will make them thrive.

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