26 Aug 2015

eFM: How winning a European Business Award changed our company

eFM: National Champion for Italy and Ruban d’Honneur recipient for Business of the Year

What does it mean to you to win the European Business Award?

The European Business Awards participation is our latest hallmark. Winning the ‘Business of the Year’ Ruban D’Honneur award in the under €25 million category and the “National Public Champion” award represents a great opportunity to share in Europe our beliefs in courage, in a constant search for new unknown paths, and in relying on passion and skills to give everyone a better world. This vision is reflected in our motto: “Sustain Engaging Places for a Better Life”: we want to create the condition for a better, safer, healthier, full life.

Has it changed anything for your business - will it change anything in the future?

Firstly, we espouse the core principles of the European Business Awards: Success, Innovation and Ethics and the International mind-set. Our company has had the opportunity to reinforce these principles already embedded in our culture. Secondly, connecting with the best European Businesses across borders has been an invaluable opportunity to get to know better the best practices developed by each company and enlarge our vision towards new ways to manage the business, sharing ideas, and exploring new paths.

What did you gain from going through the Awards process?

Participating to the European Business Awards has been an exciting challenge for us. It was an occasion to brainstorm all our ideas regarding our present business strategy as well as our future vision. Strategically, it built momentum in our company to set the guidelines on our future vision.

Being in the European Business Awards also brought us to the attention of many new potential clients and in fact a few major companies who saw our Awards video came to us and are starting client partnerships and closing deals with us.

The Awards process has been a strategic tool to communicate internally and externally our new vision. It has been an opportunity to share with all our stakeholders our vision and our business achievement and success. An extremely successful tool: we gained visibility around our stakeholders and increased enthusiasm and belongingness with our employees.

Would you recommend the Awards to other businesses in Europe?

Yes, essentially for two reasons: The opportunity to connect with the best European Businesses across borders, of any business size and sector and to celebrate excellence, innovation, entrepreneurship and best practices among businesses.

Why do you think the European Business Awards are important?

• To connect with the best businesses around Europe

• To share best practices

• To gain new inspiration

• To review our business strategy

• To improve our business practices

• To gain visibility towards your stakeholders

• To increase enthusiasm and belongingness among our employees

About eFM

eFM is an International Engineering Company, founded in 2000, that links technical and humanistic skills, and believes in challenging the status quo of the Real Estate and Facility Management. eFM is the Real Estate Digital Transformation and brings a unique offer in the market providing Consultancy, Engineering Services and Information Systems. eFM motto is “Sustain Engaging Places for a Better Life”: eFM wants to create the condition for a better, safer, healthier, full life.

By Sustain we extend the RE Management scope to include the whole building life cycle, from design to disposal. We design buildings keeping in mind their future usage and maintenance. We design not only processes, but also sustainable places. Places that are economically, socially, environmentally and technologically sustainable.

By Engaging we design properties and processes to link people and things to usage and maintenance services. A harmonious connection among 10 million companies, 7 billion people and 30 billion “things” in 2020. A connection between two converging worlds, the physical and virtual one that, once activated, will ensure unlimited potential in business processes.

And lastly, by Places we design places focusing on the PERSON, the fulcrum of everything. Physical locations that will enhance the connection among business, people and things. Virtual places integrated to physical ones, not only enabled to support simulations but being a constant inspiration source to meet expectations consistently. In other words, “Converging Places”

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