2 Sep 2016

Ametller Origen Group: Winning the Business of the Year Award has boosted our brand and added value

1. What does it mean to you to win the European Business Award?

Whilst our company’s connection to the agricultural holding goes back to 1830, this international award comes at the same time as our official 15th anniversary, so the recognition represents the greatest acknowledgment of our staff that we could have ever received. Day after day, our dream becomes a reality thanks to our workforce of more than 1600 people. The dedication, energy, passion and professionalism of our farming groups, store teams, offices and associated partners are the anchor of how we understand our company. This award has also been possible thanks to the close bond we have with our consumers. It gives us the strength to keep being challenging with our products and services from a quality and taste standpoint. Ametller Origen’s main purpose is nothing other than the main pillar: our clients.

2. Has it changed anything for your business - will it change anything in the future?

Winning an EBA is a great acknowledgement of our business model. From the agricultural production within our 3000 hectares, to the goods we directly produce, to the trading with our retail stores. Our brand has grown, boosted by this award, and is carving a niche in Europe.

3. Would you recommend other businesses in Europe to apply? If yes why?

Definitely! The opportunity to share this recognition with leading figures and to be nourished and inspired by European top companies is a remarkable experience. Simultaneously, this will also give us the chance to get a closer view of the different corporate realities out there and learn from the other companies that have been awarded. At a business level, to be rewarded with an EBA not only gives you visibility within the sector, but it is also a way to promote our brand. Furthermore, such recognition adds value to our company and the people who are involved with it and becomes a truly enriching experience.

About Ametller Origen Goup:

The Ametller Origen Group is a vertically integrated business project that brings together the entire business chain from agricultural production to the final consumer. Made up of expert food producers, handlers and retailers; the award winning Spanish company has 10 enterprises; 85 food stores and 220,000 loyalty customers following its Loyalty Club. http://ametllerorigen.cat/


PHOTO: Jordi and Joseph Ametller, Founders of Ametller Origen Group

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