13 Mar 2019

Our Guide to Completing your Entry Form

Choose your category

Before starting your entry form, you will need to decide which category is most suitable for your company. With 11 categories to choose from (this number changes each year), it might be difficult to decide which one is best for you. Check out our blog with some tips to help you choose the right category for your company.The Judges will also consider the impacts of outside factors on a business or industry.

Think about who may need to supply information in order for you to complete the entry form

With your category in mind, decide who in your business can provide you with information to help you answer the entry form questions. You may need to liaise with a few different departments in your business, so make sure that you do this as early as possible. Getting other people involved is just part of the fun!

Think about how your company meets the category criteria

Focus on how your business meets the category criteria when answering the questions. Make sure that you provide examples of evidence, whether that is financial results, new innovations, efficiency in your supply chain or employee happiness! Whatever it is that makes your company the best, make sure that you show it!

Keep useful company information at hand to refer to whilst filling the entry form and you might also find it helpful to keep these questions in mind when completing your entry form:

  • Who has been responsible for leading the achievements described
  • What major barriers had to be overcome
  • How progress and success has been measured and monitored
  • How employees have been engaged in the achievements
  • How customers and supplier relationships have been improved

But remember you can write passionately about your business too!

Give yourself plenty of time!

The entry form is a good time to reflect on your business and past competitors have often commented on how this has turned out to be an invaluable opportunity to reflect on their company’s successes. 

Give yourself plenty of time to fill in as much information as possible, and then check over your entry form a week later with a fresh mind. It is likely you will want to make changes or add more information so don’t leave this to the last minute. Be proud of your entry!

Make sure you have as much important information as possible included in the entry form

We do not accept supporting documents, so it is important that you make sure any essential information has been included in your entry form! If at any point during the judging process the judges need any extra information or clarification, they will ask us to contact you directly with their questions.


You can log into your profile to complete your entry form here.

If you have any questions about the entries process or need support with your entry form, then do not hesitate to contact the EBA team.

And if you haven’t registered yet for the 2020/21 European Business, you can do so here.

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