11 Mar 2019

5 Ways that Winning at the European Business Award has Impacted Business for our Past Winners

What can winning at the European Business Awards do for your company? The possibilites are absolutely endless, but here are just five of the positive changes that past Winners have experienced after being named a Category Winner at the EBAs:


Being a European Business Awards’ Winner is priceless endorsement when expanding your business into new markets

“The recognition you receive from being a national, or indeed a category winner, is immense. I know this has been the case for Aerogen as we have continued to expand our business now in 76 countries around the world. And often when talking with our customers or partners, the fact that we are an EBA category winner is raised in conversation and I believe it is an invaluable asset in the expansion of our business and our brand. An EBA award is business equity you cannot purchase.” John Power, CEO, Aerogen – 2015/16 Winner

“When we're trying to diversify and move into new markets where nobody knew our company - it is a very important business card.” Gabriel Gomez Celaya, General Manager, Marine Instruments – 2016/17 Winner


Companies experienced an increase in international press coverage, both in Europe and further afield

“We have noticed a significant increase in contact from the international press, particularly in America, since your announcement but also closer to home too.” Noel Moran, CEO, Prepaid Financial Services – 2017/18 Winner

“The exposure that you get on a European level is fantastic. Whether a winner or not, just being involved gives a business the opportunity to communicate their successes and feel proud of all that they have achieved.” Richard Clothier, Managing Director, WykeFarms – 2015/16 Winner


Winning at the European Business Awards increased the motivation of the whole company, as well as boosted the self-esteem of employees

 “[The awards are] a great opportunity for us to demonstrate how well our business is growing. It is our chance to show the market what we are doing for our employees and how much we value them” Bahadir Pekkan, CEO, Turkcell Global Bilgi - 2011 Winner

“It gives you great confidence to be recognized as a very successful business and one of the best in Europe.” Neil Brown, CEO, Inclusion Housing – 2016/17 Winner

“Winning the award gave us attention, and many companies have contacted us in efforts to collaborate. Also, it raises the self-esteem of our organization to keep doing things no one has done before and going for the unknown.” Matts Johansen, CEO, Aker BioMarine – 2017/18 Winner


New business partnerships were created with other companies as a result of being part of the Awards programme

“As well as being an excellent way to raise your profile, it is also a very effective way to strike up partnerships with other firms and access new markets to help you scale up even further.” David Harrison, Managing Partner, True Potential LLP – 2016/17 Winner


The entry form and judging process gave companies the opportunity to refelct on their processes and structure 

“Sitting in front of the panel makes you realise your company’s strengths and your weaknesses. The awards are very important - they provide inspiration to companies and they help entrepreneurs grow stronger. ” Aris Kefalogiannis, CEO, GAEA Products – 2012/13 Winner

“The awards have made us think in different ways and think of ways of showing what we have done internally in our company. Especially the presentation part, this was extremely helpful for us as it gave us feedback from experienced people from different industries” Alejandro Olle, Partner, Galencium Health – 2013/14 Winner

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