25 Feb 2019

5 Reasons to Enter the European Business Awards


The European Business Awards is one of the most prestigious accolades a company can receive. Each year the European Business Awards engages with over 110,000 companies from 33 countries, pitting them against each other in a robust and transparent judging process which means that each of the companies in the competition are assessed purely on merit. This judging process allows us to recognise companies from any sector, of any size – just as long as they are making waves in their chosen category and meeting our core principles of Success, Innovation and Ethics.

Past winners have found that winning at the European Business Awards has had an overwhelmingly positive impact on their business; helping them to forge new partnerships, engage with new clients and attract Europe’s best talent.

 “Receiving recognition for what we have achieved at AirSpeed Telecom from such a high calibre judging panel represents a significant endorsement for our business.”

Airspeed Telecom (2014/15 Winner)

“When we're trying to diversify and to move into new markets where nobody knew our company - it is a very important business card.”

Marine Instruments (2016/17 Winner)


Being Europe’s largest cross-border and cross-sector Awards means that not only do we give companies the recognition that they deserve, but we also bring together Europe’s entrepreneurs, business leaders and innovators providing them with the opportunity to do business, learn and network.

With over 500 people attending our Gala Final last year, and the 2019 Awards set to be the biggest yet, we give companies the chance to make invaluable contacts. As the final stage of judging takes place in an exhibition environment, companies meet face-to-face with the judges allowing them to not only showcase what makes their company exceptional, but to also network and meet other businesses. Attendees also get the chance to meet our sponsors and conference speakers, which consist of leading business and establishment figures, thought leaders, academics and entrepreneurs from all over Europe.

“It is an important opportunity for companies in Europe to connect and a great chance for leaders to network.”

Science4you (2015/16 Winner)

“The networking around the European Business Awards really is exciting and I enjoyed meeting many people with great stories behind their company. It’s the best business awards in Europe – no doubt about that.”

Consentino Group (2013/14 Winner)


Throughout the Awards programme, the EBAs generate high levels of PR coverage across global media, creating a huge buzz on social media and providing companies with opportunities to increase their brand awareness. Last year over 7,000 items of coverage in digital media were generated about the EBAs across Europe, equating to €18m in media coverage.

Alongside coverage about the Awards itself, companies have also found that their involvement in the EBAs leads to an incredible amount of interest from media outlets in Europe and across the world.

“We have noticed a significant increase in contact from the international press,particularly in America, since your announcement but also closer to home too. The profile of our company has been enhanced on a global level.”

Prepaid Financial Services (2017/18 Winner)


Our events don’t just give us the chance to congratulate Europe’s best companies on their success – we also host a Summit alongside the Gala Final, allowing Europe’s business leaders to learn, stimulate debates and share knowledge. At the 2018 Summit, our conference sessions were led by industry leaders and experts and covered a whole host of topics – from leadership strategies and finding the best talent, to funding growth and how to harness disruptive technologies.

“The Awards have helped BMZ in our wider understanding of European business.”

BMZ (2014/15 Winner)

“I think it is important that we showcase our most exceptional businesses, share knowledge and generate debate around the creation of a stronger European business community. The European Business Awards does just that.”

Karel De Gucht, Former European Commissioner for Trade


Your workforce are the backbone of your company and the people that help make your business the success it is. Winning at the European Business Awards is one way to give your employees the recognition that they deserve. Recognising their efforts as the building blocks of your company’s success story can in turn raise your co-workers confidence to keep striving for more growth, more innovation and more success!

“Being named Europe’s most innovative company first and foremost reflects our dedicated employees; they have contributed to making our business a success… It has raised the self-esteem of our organization to keep doing things no one has done before and going for the unknown.”

Aker BioMarine (2017/18 Winner)

“This award is a fantastic external recognition of our team, which has been instrumental in executing a highly successful business transformation strategy over the past four years.”

Diamdel (2011 Finalist)




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