• Location: Turkey

  • Website:

  • Nature of Business: Subject is involved in wholesale trade of `Livevault`, `Microsoft`, `Lotus`, `Citrix`, Netpro, Altiris brand software and `HP, `Cisco` brand peripherals. Subject also provides software solutions, data storing services, internet & security solutions, e-business solutions, network solutions (Local Area Network, Wide Area Network and Voip), consultancy, technical, maintenance and software integration services. Subject signed a solution partnership agreement with HP also is a preferred partner of `Hewlett-Packard`, gold certificated partner of `Microsoft`. Subject ranked 37th, 45th, 57th, 57th, 57th among the 500 big IT companies of Turkey in 2015,  2014, 2013,2012, 2011 respectively.

  • Sector: Retail & Wholesale

  • Turnover: €75m to €150m

  • Number of Employees: -

  • Chief Executive:
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