Ones to watch in Slovakia

Turn over range

Company name Sector
ALFA-R, S.R.O. Retail & Wholesale
ALMATRANS, s.r.o. Transportation and storage
Alpha medical, s. r. o. Human health and social work activities
BETPRES, Ltd. Construction
BILLA s.r.o. Retail
BIO OIL Group Retail & Wholesale
BONUL, S.R.O. Administrative and support service activities
Chemkostav, a.s. Construction/Property
DAREC, A.S. Retail & Wholesale
Domasko Retail & Wholesale
East West Trade s.r.o. Retail & Wholesale
Energie2, as Electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning supply
EVOPHARM, S.R.O. Retail & Wholesale
Fekolini s.r.o. Manufacturing
Flint Administrative and support service activities
GEVORKYAN, s.r.o. Manufacturing
GO4, s.r.o. Services
GreenCoop Retail & Wholesale
HDO SK, S.R.O. Manufacturing
Holcim Business Services, s.r.o Business Services
HOTIS RECYCLING SLOVAKIA s.r.o. Retail & Wholesale
INGSTEEL, spol. s r.o. Construction
Instarea IT Technology
INTERPLASTICS, S.R.O. Retail & Wholesale
ISMONT, S.R.O. Construction
JIT PLASTIC, S.R.O. Manufacturing
KAROVIC, S.R.O. Manufacturing
KEREX, S.R.O. Manufacturing
Maks-D Manufacturing
MERFOR, A. S. Retail & Wholesale
MTS, spol. s ro Manufacturing
OLIVA GROUP, S.R.O. Retail & Wholesale
Pharex Retail & Wholesale
Plemenarske sluzby Slovenskej Republiky, s.p. Agriculture, forestry and fishing
PRP, sro Manufacturing
Railtrans International Inc. Professional, scientific and technical activities
RIBE SLOVAKIA, K.S. Manufacturing
ROYALDOM, S.R.O. Retail & Wholesale
Ryba Zilina, spol. s ro Manufacturing
Siko Kúpeľne, a.s. Retail & Wholesale
Sylex s.r.o. Manufacturing
T a M trans spedition, s.r.o. Retail & Wholesale
Tatry mountain resorts, a.s. Accommodation and food service activities
TransLog Slovakia, as Transportation and storage
TUCAN, travel agency, sro Administrative and support service activities
Vahostav-SK-Prefa, s.r.o. Manufacturing
Vox Travel Travel/Leisure
Zeleninárska sro Retail & Wholesale
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