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Turn over range

Company name Sector
AD Plastik d.d. Manufacturing
Adriatic Luxury Hotels Accommodation and food service activities
AGRONOM D. O. O. Retail & Wholesale
Airport Dubrovnik Transportation and storage
Aminess Hotels & Campsites Travel/Leisure
APFEL D.O.O. Retail & Wholesale
AQUAESTIL PLUS D.O.O. Manufacturing
Atlantic Group Retail & Wholesale
AWT INTERNATIONAL D.O.O. Retail & Wholesale
B. BRAUN ADRIA D.O.O. Retail & Wholesale
BIFIX D. O. O. Manufacturing
Bluesun Hotels Accommodation and food service activities
BOBIS D.O.O. Manufacturing
BOMARK AMBALAZA D.O.O. Retail & Wholesale
CEZAREJA D.O.O. Retail & Wholesale
CIPRO D.O.O. Retail & Wholesale
Citic Construction
COMPING D.O.O. Information and communication
CROZ d.o.o. IT Technology
DELT PAPIR D.O.O. Manufacturing
Dental Clinic ARENA Health
DILJ d.o.o. (NEXE GRUPA) Manufacturing
DOK-ING Manufacturing
Flavia Retail & Wholesale
Ghetaldus Optika Manufacturing
HEP Opskrba Government & Public Sector
HUP Zagreb Accommodation and food service activities
Infobip Information and communication
Istarski vodovod Water supply; sewerage, waste management and remediation activities
Kanaan Manufacturing
KFK Manufacturing
KING ICT D.O.O. Manufacturing
Klimaoprema Manufacturing
KOS TRANSPORTI Transportation and storage
Kostel promet Manufacturing
Logista Telecommunications
Lonia Retail & Wholesale
M-PMP Manufacturing
Maistra Accommodation and food service activities
MANSPED D. O. O. Transportation and storage
MB FRIGO GRUPA D.O.O. Retail & Wholesale
MEDIC D.O.O. Retail & Wholesale
MEDIKA D.D. Manufacturing
MESIC COM D.O.O. Construction
Midi D.O.O. Manufacturing
Milenij hoteli d.o.o. Travel/Leisure
MONILE D.O.O. Retail & Wholesale
Montelektro Manufacturing
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