Ones to watch in Bulgaria

Turn over range

Company name Sector
Accedia IT Technology
Arexim Engineering EAD Manufacturing
BALKAN AD Manufacturing
Barage Group LTD. Construction
BHAir Transportation and storage
BILLA Bulgaria Retail
Bohemia EOOD Administrative and support service activities
BONMIX LTD Manufacturing
Brevis Retail & Wholesale
BulPro2004 Bulgaria Ltd. Retail & Wholesale
Bulpros Information and communication
CBA AD Retail & Wholesale
CITO COMPANY Ltd. Retail & Wholesale
Complex Oncology Center – Stara Zagora EOOD Human health and social work activities
Dimitrov Manufacturing
DISCORDIA Transportation and storage
Dreamstrans Transportation and storage
Dundee Precious Metals Bulgaria Mining
Eurohold Bulgaria Financial and insurance activities
Farkol JSC Retail & Wholesale
Farm Sense Bulgaria Retail & Wholesale
First May JSC Retail & Wholesale
Geogroup Manufacturing
Grand Energy Distribution Ltd Electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning supply
Hippoland Retail & Wholesale
Huverpharma Retail & Wholesale
IBS Bulgaria Information and communication
Imperia Online Ltd IT Technology
Intercars Retail & Wholesale
Kyashif Ltd. Retail & Wholesale
Leader 96 Manufacturing
Lemi Trafo Manufacturing
MAGNUM-D LTD  Retail & Wholesale
Medex Ltd. Health
Milky Group Bio Retail & Wholesale
Musala Soft IT Technology
Nadezhda Hospital Human health and social work activities
NEW YORKER BULGARIA Retail & Wholesale
ROSA AD Manufacturing
ScaleFocus IT Technology
SK-Pro Retail & Wholesale
Speedy AD Transportation and storage
Sport Depot Retail & Wholesale
Sun Food Manufacturing
TAL Engineering Manufacturing
Teletek Electronics JSC Manufacturing
TELUS International Administrative and support service activities
TEREM- KRZ Flotski Arsenal Manufacturing
TESY Manufacturing
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