5 May 2017

Vjekoslav Majetić founder of DOK-ING wins Lifetime Achievement Award

DOK-ING was established at the end of 1991, and it was one of the companies that grew up “from a home garage. Today it is a successful and internationally respected company with around 150 employees, production facilities in Zagreb and Slunj, daughter companies in the USA and South Africa. Over two hundred remotely controlled mine clearance systems were sold and are currently deployed in some thirty countries around the World, mostly on humanitarian demining projects, but also in a number of potentially dangerous situations providing a high level of protection and security for all involved.  A visit to the mines of South Africa was another challenge – again people in hostile and dangerous environment needed a machine that could help them in not just raising the productivity but also provide a higher level of safety. His design of a remotely controlled ultra low profile dozer for mineral extraction met both requirements.

As the company grew, the experience and testing results pushed Majetić and his small team of engineers to improve all of the machines. On the basis of previous constructions and knowledge, a multifunctional robotic firefighting system was designed to be used in fire disasters and other types of crisis management .

Almost every new project brought an award – best innovation for MV-4 Mine Clearance System from a number of societies, numerous domestic and international gold, silver and bronze medals for a series of innovations. For several years Dok-ing was acknowledged as the best exporter to the USA and to the Russian Federation and as the most successful medium size commercial company in Croatia. Vjekoslav Majetić was personally awarded several high state medals for his innovative work and business success, the last one presented to him by the Croatian president in 2016.  – the highest award for special achievements in economy and innovative entrepreneurship and their promotion in Croatia and worldwide.

And somehow, along demanding core business activities, a boy’s dream comes true – at Dok-ing facilities the first electric Croatian car was produced - a small urban electric car, luxurious but simple, with excellent automotive  performances, definitely representing his vision of 21st century usage of technology. Today the Automotiv program, the additional one to core business programs, is in full growth and development focusing on environment protection and renewable energy demands – promoting electric scooters and multipurpose mini vans for clean and silent city deliveries, solar chargers, long lasting batteries, etc. – all designed and produced at Dok-ing.

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