20 Jan 2017

Best Greek firms honoured at exclusive event in Athens

The best businesses from Greece were honoured at an exclusive event hosted at the British Ambassador’s Residence by RSM Greece in Athens last night for The European Business Awards sponsored by RSM.

The 38 firms were chosen by a panel of independent judges, including senior businesses and academic leaders, to be 'National Champions' in Europe’s largest business competition.

At the event, the sixth in a series of events across Europe, attendees had the chance to speak to leading businesses in their field and hear from guest speakers including Andrew Staunton, Deputy Head of Mission at the British Embassy in Athens, and Athos Stylianou, Managing Partner, RSM Greece.

Andrew Staunton, Deputy Head of Mission at the British Embassy said: ““The European Business Awards is a long-running institution, one which year-in-year-out serves to promote, nourish and recognise the growth, innovation and success of companies here in Greece, and across the continent. As well as recognising commercial success, the European Business Awards are a means of recognising and rewarding businesses for the valuable economic and social contribution they make to our countries and our societies.

“Throughout my three years as the Deputy Head of Mission in Greece, I have been impressed by the resilience and dynamism of Greek companies – companies that have continued to compete at both a national and European level despite the wide-ranging difficulties that have faced the domestic economy for over 6 years. Despite the multiple challenges businesses have faced over these years, from increased taxation, reduced domestic demand, to the effect of capital controls, the Greek private sector in some ways defies the odds by continuing to innovate and thrive. “

Lead sponsor RSM, is the sixth largest network of independent audit, tax and consulting firms worldwide, and has supported the European Business Awards since its inception.

Athos Stylianou Managing Partner, RSM Greece said: “"We are very pleased that once again we are able to celebrate the great success of the Greek businesses who despite the very difficult circumstances in the Greek market, that they face every day, have managed to be awarded the title of National Champion in the European Business Awards sponsored by RSM. It is a truly great achievement as the competition this year was very high, with more than 34,000 companies entering the Awards, and we congratulate them for this exceptional accomplishment"

RSM Greece has supported Greek firms in the competition from nomination through to final voting stages for the last ten years. This promotion of the best of Greek businesses has resulted in two European Business Award winners and several Ruban d'Honneur recipients.

In the next round, the National Champions are taking part in the Public Vote, which opened on 9 January at www.businessawardseurope.com. Category winners and the overall winner of the public vote will be announced at the Gala Final in May 2017.

The European Business Awards was set up to support the development of a stronger and more successful business community throughout Europe. This year it engaged with over 33,000 businesses from 34 countries. Further information about the National Champions and the Awards can be found at www.businessawardseurope.com and www.rsm.global


For further information please contact:

EBA: Vanessa Wood at the European Business Awards on +44 (0) 796 6666 657 or email vanessa.wood@businessawardseurope.com

RSM: Gillian Hawkes at the RSM Executive Office - gillian.hawkes@rsm.global

About the European Business Awards:

The European Business Awards’ primary purpose is to support the development of a stronger and more successful business community throughout Europe. For all citizens of Europe, prosperity, social and healthcare systems are reliant on businesses creating an even stronger, more innovative, successful, international and ethical business community - one that forms the beating heart of an increasingly globalised economy.

The European Business Awards programme serves the European business community in three ways:

• It celebrates and endorses individuals’ and organisations’ success

• It provides and promotes examples of excellence for the business community to aspire to

• It engages with the European business community to create debate on key issues

The European Business Awards is now in its 10th year. This year it engaged with over 33,000 businesses from 34 countries. Last year’s public vote generated over 227,000 votes from across Europe. Sponsors and partners include RSM, ELITE and PR Newswire. www.businessawardseurope.com.

About RSM:

RSM is the sixth largest network of independent audit, tax and consulting firms, encompassing over 120 countries, 760 offices and more than 38,000 people internationally. The network’s total fee income is US$4.64 billion.

RSM is the lead sponsor and corporate champion of the European Business Awards promoting commercial excellence and recognition of entrepreneurial brilliance.

RSM is a member of the Forum of Firms, with the shared objective to promote consistent and high quality standards of financial and auditing practices worldwide.

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