28 Mar 2023

A Message from our CEO, Adrian Tripp, March 2023

We have had a little time off over the last couple of years! Not of our choosing of course, and not easy… you may say we have had quite a bad case of business long covid!

Our Thanks

That said, we have been extremely grateful to all of you for your messages of support. The last couple of years has made us even more convinced that successful, ethically minded and innovative businesses are absolutely crucial to our society. We need to keep recognising, rewarding, and inspiring others to follow suit.

What we have been doing

Adversity forces you to innovate and pivot to survive. For us, that meant developing our growth services commercial offering that had always sat in the background supporting and funding the European Business Awards.  It turns out that there's a real demand for outcome-focused business development and sales.

We've rebranded ourselves as Business For Growth and have been keeping busy helping B2B companies find and close more business. Whether it's improving their internal business development and sales activities or outsourcing some of their sales tasks to our team, we're all about helping companies find sales growth.

2023/24 Awards

But enough about us - let's talk about the 2024 European Business Awards!

You can register your interest to participate here and receive updates as we start to announce categories, judges and dates.

We're making a few changes to the programme, but what's made the European Business Awards one of the most prestigious accolades in the world won't change.

We'll still be recognising success, innovation, and ethical practices. And we'll still have a rigorous, transparent judging process backed up by some of the best research in Europe. We'll never resort to a 'pay to win' model - the judging and commercial operations of EBA will always remain separate and independent.

Before that – where are they now -  a retrospective

Before we get to the 2024 awards, though, we're taking a look back at the past 15 years of the competition. We're producing a report on where all the companies are now. There have been some incredible success stories, as well as some bumps in the road!

We hope it'll inspire even more businesses to enter the 2024 awards and become part of our illustrious and unique community.

Thanks for your patience and sticking with us, it has been a long road, we promise we will keep pushing hard to promote recognise and reward the contribution that Europe’s business community makes to our society.

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