25 Jul 2019

30% of European businesses are still not GDPR compliant

Almost a third (30%) of European businesses admit they are still not compliant with GDPR, according to a survey conducted by the European Business Awards on behalf of RSM.

Despite it being over a year since GDPR came into effect, and a raft of fines from regulators across Europe, only 57% of businesses are confident that their business follows the rules, with a further 13% unsure either way. Alarmingly these views come directly from the person in the company who had the responsibility for delivering GDPR. *

The impact of GDPR on Europe's businesses

Improved the management of customer data


Increased investment in cyber security


Encouraged new, innovative uses of data


Made businesses feel safer from cyber crime


The cost of compliance has slowed growth


Compliance has made our business more effective operationally


GDPR has made it difficult for us to work with non-European businesses


The compliance gap is not down to any single issue, with middle market businesses struggling to understand and implement a whole range of areas covered by the regulation. More than a third (38%) of non-compliant businesses do not understand when consent is required to hold and process data, 35% are unsure how they should monitor their employees’ use of personal data and 34% don’t understand what procedures are required to ensure third party supplier contracts are compliant.

Despite the lack of compliance, GDPR is starting to have a positive impact on cyber security within the EU. Almost three quarters (73%) of European businesses say GDPR has encouraged them to improve the way they manage customer data and 62% say it has seen them increase their investment in cyber security.

Richard Smith, Chair of the Global Risk Consulting Committee at RSM, one of the largest audit, tax and consulting organisations of advisers with a focus specifically on the middle market, commented: “With so much pressure on organisations to meet complex requirements, we saw GDPR fatigue setting in last year. Middle market businesses were overwhelmed by information from the press, industry bodies and stakeholders. Many organisations simply gave up and reverted back to the old way of doing things.

“But there are signs that this fatigue is about to fade. High-profile fines across Europe have demonstrated that regulators across the EU are serious about enforcement. Businesses are scrambling to catch up once again.”

“One important aspect to note is that GDPR compliance is far wider than just policies, procedures and training. Underlying technology controls need to be robust to safeguard the leakage and unauthorised access of personal data”

Jean Stephens, CEO of RSM International, commented:“GDPR is complex and challenging, but it is also an opportunity for businesses to differentiate themselves with their ability to respond and demonstrate their organisational agility. By letting go of legacy systems and rethinking the way they interact with data, these more entrepreneurial businesses can become more appealing partners and more innovative competitors on the global stage.”


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Notes to Editors

About the data

Research was undertaken among European businesses who have engaged with the European Business Awards. The majority of businesses surveyed were European middle market businesses with a turnover of less than €100m. The sample included businesses from 34 countries.

The data in this release was obtained from two separate surveys:

·         The majority of the data comes from 370 responses collected between 29.05.19 and 11.06.19.

·         The final data point comes from 597 responses collected between 16.04.19 and 03.06.19.

*The headline, and the first two paragraphs refer to data taken specifically from respondents who say they were involved in ensuring their company was GDPR compliant.

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