Former CEO of Radeberger Gruppe, Member of the key Oetker International Steering Group

Ulrich Kallmeyer was born in September  1944 in Neustrelitz/Mecklenburg/Germany. He was raised in parental bakery in Neustadt a Rbge/Hannover/Germany and obtained a high school diploma in 1965 in Nienburg/Weser. In the meantime Kallmeyer took part in 1 year exchange programme in Michigan, US 1961/62. After completing service in German Army in Munich in 1965/67, he graduated with Diplom Kaufmann in 1973 from university in Hamburg where he studied psychology and economics. Kallmeyer started his carrer as Advertising Manager for Dinol rust protection in Hamburg. Later, the Neustrelitz native spent 9 years as Controller/Commercial manager in Unilever Hamburg and 2 years as Commercial Director in Schafft Fleischwerke, Unilever in Ansbach. Since 1985 until 1999 Kallmeyer was Commercial Director of Henkell & Söhnlein (Oetker Division of Sparkling Wine, Wine and Spirits) in Wiesbaden. After that, in 2000 he assumed the position of CEO of Radeberger Gruppe (Oetker Beer + Mineral Water Division) in Frankfurt, German Beer Market Leader (Turnover 1,5 Bio €), where he worked until 2009. Between 1985 and 2009 Kallmeyer was active as head or member of Advisory Board in different companies of the Oetker Group. Since 2000 he has been member of the key Oetker International Steering Group (11 Bio €). He currently lives in Hamburg/ Germany. He is married to same wife and has 4 children and 6 grandchildren.

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