Prof Michael Ben-Gad Department of Economics

City University London Michael Ben-Gad is professor of economics at City University London. He is currently director of its MSc Economics course and served as head of the Department of Economics from 2010 to 2013. He has worked in the research department of the Bank of Israel and was a faculty member of the University of Houston and the University of Haifa and a visiting professor at the Central European University and the International School of Economics at Tbilisi State University.

He is currently serving on a U.S. National Academy of Sciences panel studying the Economic and Fiscal Impacts of Immigration in the United States and also serves on the academic advisory group of the Tax Administration Research Centre (TARC), sponsored by the UK Economic and Social Research Council, HM Treasury, and HM Customs and previously served on the council of the Israel Economic Association. Prof Ben-Gad’s research focuses on dynamic macroeconomics with applications to taxation, public debt, the economic effects of immigration, optimal fiscal policy, the emergence of multiple equilibria in models of economic growth and the allocation of defense spending under conditions of extreme uncertainly. He has a B.A. in economics from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and an A.M. and Ph.D. degrees in economics from the University of Chicago.


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