Owner and General Manager, Katerina HomeMade Sweets Ltd.

Katerina Christoforou was born and grew up in Cyprus, and spent hours of her childhood watching her grandmother make spoon sweets. Following her family migration to, and education in, Australia she returned to set up a successful business using her grandmother’s recipes to produce the traditional style sweets for the modern market.

This year, Katerina Home Made Sweets has over 40 products in its range and her sweets can be found in supermarkets across the island and at selected shops in countries with a large Greek Cypriot expat community such as the United States, Australia, Dubai and the UK. The sweets have become a favourite with Japanese people and Katerina exports Rose Petal Sweets and Olive Sweets to a chain of gourmet delicatessens in Japan.

She owns a traditionally styled factory that has become a must-see tourist-attraction for visitors of all nationalities. Katerina Home Made Sweets also provides spoon sweets to luxury hotels and traditional Cypriot restaurants.

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