President of the Management Board, HIDRIA

Iztok Seljak started his career at Rotomatika, Hidria’s daughter company, in 1989. During the years at Rotomatika, he has been between 1989 and 2002 responsible for purchasing, sales & marketing and since 1996 for leading Rotomatika as a President of Executive Committee of Rotomatika. He has been corporate Vice President of Hidria for Industrial sales & marketing since 2002. In 2004, he additionally took over the responsibility for Hidria Automotive, today one of the core two divisions in Hidria. Since January, 2008, he acts as a President of Management Board of Hidria.

He is Vice President of the Board of Slovenian Association “Manager”, a Member of Presidency of Slovenian Chamber of Commerce, Vice President of Samit 100 Business Leaders South Eastern Europe and Co-President of Feniks, International Construction Consortium. As a Rotarian he is dedicated to help all those in need of help, seeking to change the world for better.  

He graduated with BSc in Economics, University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Economics, followed by an MBA and MSc (addressing innovative solutions in future power-trains for the sustainable mobility in Europe by 2030) at IEDC, Bled School of Management, where he is currently finalizing his PhD (introducing a brand new framework of Embedded Business Model Innovation, EBMI).

He has been in 2002 awarded with the title of the “Young Manager of the Year” in Slovenia by Association “Manager” and in 2012 with the title “Best Manager of South-East and Central Europe« by an international jury in Sarajevo. With Hidria, as proclaimed by EBA, he gained the title of the Most Innovative company in Europe in 2012/13 in competition with over 15.000 European companies.


Personal statement: “The rise of Hidria started in 2004, when after several decades of work we accumulated enough experience, courage and inspiration to finally figure out that there was no need to be afraid of an uncertain future, since the future had not yet arrived, and that our future needed to be created. We worked hard to better understand the factors that would influence that future, and started to systematically convert our dreams for a better future for our civilisation and for our planet, into solid and clear visions, missions and strategies, consequently executing them through our technology and product road maps, with an aim for innovative break-throughs on a global scale. With hard work and determination we are achieving our dreams, turning these into a solid reality. Most importantly our achievements are a tremendous team effort... it is after all not one star that lights up our night time sky... it is one star accompanied with hundreds and thousands of other stars that illuminate the sky to make a difference that matters.”

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