Adjunct professor and senior level director

Adjunct professor Ilpo Laitinen is both a senior level director and a researcher and thus shows the capability of working across the boundaries of academia and the business. The work that he undertakes in both of those realms is looking for new solutions to improve the quality of the public sector in the city that is among the world leaders in providing service to its people.

He is internationally experienced both in science and management eg. in public administration and management, smart cities and innovation management. His areas of research cover the reform and evaluation of public administration and management, change management, innovation management, higher education research, and the utilisation of information technology in organisations.

His latest academic publications have been published in Public Management Review, International Journal of Innovation in the Digital Economy, International Journal of Knowledge-Based Development, Journal of Adult and Continuing Education and International Social Work.

Ilpo Laitinen is an Associate at the University of Oxford. His current and on-going research activities focus on Citizen Centric Smart City (Meaningful Cities) and digitalization of services, service innovation and co-creation of novel services and utilization of big data.

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