Founder and Group Managing Director, MicroSave

Graham A.N. Wright founded MicroSave and is currently its Group Managing Director. He has had a career of over nearly three decades of development experience underpinned by five years of experience in management consultancy, training and audit with a leading accounting firm in Europe. He is a reformed Chartered Accountant.

Graham has provided training and technical assistance to a variety of financial institutions in Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, the Philippines and throughout Africa. After setting up MicroSave, he oversaw the provision large-scale programme of technical assistance to Equity Bank and 150 other MicroSave partners across Africa and Asia.

Graham has been deeply involved in digital financial services (DFS) from the days he sat on the original steering committee for M-PESA and supported its initial pilot-testing process. He has worked on a wide variety of DFS projects with banks and telcos in Bangladesh, Colombia, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Papua New Guinea, South Africa, Tanzania and Uganda. These involved strategic planning, market research, product development, process analysis, agent network development and maintenance, and marketing.

Graham is a regular speaker at conferences and has authored over 30 papers and briefing notes, as well as an array of training materials on DFS. He was also chair of the CGAP Savings Mobilisation Working Group, a member of the CGAP Product Development Group and is a Research Associate at the Institute of Development Policy and Management, University of Manchester, UK.

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