CEO of Beaulieu International Group, Founder of G@speak


Geert Roelens, a Civil Engineer with an MBA degree of the National University of Singapore, worked for 23 years at Bekaert. In 2008 he became Executive Vice-President of Steel Cord and was member of the Bekaert Group Executive. From October 1st, 2011 he was the CEO of Beaulieu International Group (, an international Belgian company with 3200 employees and a turnover of 1.3 bio €. As from 1st July 2016, he is an independent consultant/entrepreneur, offering his global experience to several companies and individuals. Consulting services on strategy and execution, coaching of high potentials, teaching at Business Schools and serving on Boards as a Director are some of the activities he is involved with. Having worked both for a stock listed company and a family business, he can bring a lot of shared knowledge to both type of companies. As such, he is now helping already 4 SME’s with family background. Additional to this, he is Business Manager and Founder of G@speak (, President of Viu More (, lecturer at VIVES Hogeschool (Supply Chain & Operations Management and Leadership), teacher at NEOMA Business School - Campus de Rouen (Class of Leadership) and Guest lecturer at Hubermont Space for Development (

In his career, Geert had the opportunity to grow and make progress along the corporate/entrepreneurial ladder and also to acquire interpersonal skills on an international level. 

Currently, he is the owner of two companies, an advisor at two business schools, a guest lecturer and a writer of management books: ea. ‘How successful can you be in China? A recipe for successes, published in 2013 and ‘How successful can you be as a leader?’ – will be published in May 2016.

Throughout his career, he focused on making progress along three axes: 

1. Strive for excellence in daily management

2. Relentlessly pursue innovation

3. Realize sustainable, profitable growth through Greenfields and M&A projects.

Geert has an extensive expertise as foreign businessman as he lived during his Bekaert career in several countries: 5 years in USA, 3 years in Indonesia and 5 years in China.

During his China period, Geert achieved several China credentials, but the most precious one is the ‘Friendship Award of the State Affairs of Foreign Experts of the People’s Republic of China’; at the occasion of the 60th Anniversary of PRC.

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