Managing Director, Contronics Engineering

Frank Bakker is Managing Director of Contronics Engineering BV, a Dutch-based company. Established in 1981 the company is now the market leader in Europe in the field of humidifying fresh produce with 25 reliable distribution partners in the world with production of 2,500 systems and 5,000 smaller humidifiers per annum.

Frank entered the company as an interim manager in 1996. In 1998 he became a 50% owner of the company in a management buy-out with business partner Feitse van der Zouw.

Under their management, the company grew from a turnover of € 0.5m to € 6m. The management team now consists of a production manager, a development manager and a communications manager who is in charge of daily operations.

Mr. Bakker is the creative leader of the company taking care of developing new markets and new products. He has extensive experience in applications in which the company specialises combined with a deep knowledge of physics, chemistry, aerodynamics and installation issues. He also possesses a broad business network, including valuable contacts in government and scientists from various universities.

Prior to joining Contronics, Frank was a jet fighter pilot and from 1980 -1996 he ran his family installation business.

Contronics Engineering is helping to realise the Kyoto targets: an average system achieves an energy reduction of 25,000 Kilowatt. The 10,000 operational systems accomplish an enormous contribution to a cleaner environment by reducing CO2 output by 0.12 megatons every year.

Contronics was the winner of the 2012/13 European Business Awards – The Infosys Business of the Year Award [t/o €0-25m].

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