Founder, Olea Medical®

Olea Medical® was incorporated in 2008, but its history began in 1998, when its founder, Fayçal Djeridane, then a young medical school student, decided to transition to computer engineering. A trick of life plunged him into the world of medical research to design software dedicated to the processing of medical images. 

After a ten-year career in military informatics, the idea of Olea Medical® emerged with three other engineers, motivated and idealistic, and, with it, the mission of Olea – Improve Diagnosis for LifeTM

Olea Medical®, initially a 4-people adventure, is now an established company gathering engineers, mathematicians, astrophysicists, researchers, accompanied by renowned clinicians and prestigious scientific advisors that share one common goal: improving the diagnosis and treatment of most devastating diseases. The credibility of Olea Medical® has been established through the domestication of cutting-edge technology, partnerships with leading institutions, and a powerful vision: saving lives worldwide.  

Olea Medical® is the result of the meeting of men and women with strong values and one high ideal: create for life.

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